Yogi Bear Halloween Costume

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Look Better Than the Average Bear With the Yogi Bear Halloween Costume

Adult Yogi Bear Halloween CostumeMost people are familiar with the popular character Yogi, and if you want to look just like him, then you’ll need to get the Yogi Bear Halloween Costume. It’s the complete outfit from head to toe that’s perfect for someone who wants to be a mascot.

Yogi has been popular for quite some time. Many people grew up watching the cartoons. Now, this Yogi Bear Halloween costume allows you to look just like him. It comes with an over-sized headpiece, complete with a green hat on the head just like Yogi wears every time you see him.

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In addition to the furry headpiece, you’re also provided with a plush brown jumpsuit. The jumpsuit has a green tie attached to it to match the hat. In order to look like the real bear, your hands and feet will also be covered. To accomplish this, you get a pair of brown mitts and shoe covers so you’ll really look like Yogi from head to toe.

Look like Yogi Bear from the latest movie

Yogi is very well-known for the many antics that he pulls. He’s especially fond of eating a wide variety of foods. Over the course of the popular cartoon series, he would steal plenty of picnic baskets from tourists that came to the fictional Jelly stone Park. With that in mind, it would be a great idea to accessorize the Yogi Bear Halloween costume with a basket of your own.

As a mascot, you may be required to wear the suit outside when the temperature is relatively high. Obviously, this will be quite uncomfortable for you over a long period of time. Therefore, you should consider getting a set of cold packs that you can wear around your neck and chest to keep you comfortable.

You should know that the Yogi Bear Halloween Costume is an officially licensed product. it is available in only one adult size. However, it should fit most people as long as they’re not too overweight. The costume is also made from a combination of foam, faux fur, and polyester. It will be much too large to fit in a washing machine anyway, so you’ll need to spot clean it if theĀ Yogi Bear Halloween costume happens to get dirty.

Yogi Bear Halloween Costume Pros

You couldn’t wish for more when it comes to this Yogi Bear Halloween costume. You’ll be provided with everything that you need to get Yogi’s signature look, including the trademark green hat and matching tie. The costume is also quite versatile. You could use it as a mascot, or when attending a costume ball or Halloween party.

Yogi Bear Halloween Costume Cons

After buying the Yogi Bear Halloween Costume, you likely won’t regret your decision at all. There isn’t much to complain about, but the only complaint that you may have is that it doesn’t come with any accessories like the picnic basket.


The next time you have a party to go to, make sure that you consider wearing this costume. Yogi has accumulated plenty of fans all over the world thanks to his popular cartoons, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone that doesn’t recognize you in it. So, add the Yogi Bear Halloween Costume to your closet today.

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