Wild Kratts Costumes

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WildKrattsIf your child loves animals, but doesn’t want to wear a boring “black cat” costume for Halloween this year, a Wild Kratts costume may be the perfect solution. There are a variety of Wild Kratts Halloween costumes that can be created from scratch to go with the official costumes. All official Wild Kratts costumes come in kids sizes medium, small, and extra small.

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Wild Kratts Bat Costumes

Wild Kratts Kids Bat CostumeThe Wild Kratts Halloween costume for kids in green and blue is the perfect costume for kids who want to fly around the neighborhood in style. The costume includes a printed jumpsuit with attached wings and shoe covers, so there’s no need to match your child’s shoes to the outfit or buy a new pair. It also comes with a mask with attached bat ears to complete the creepy creature look.

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Wild Kratts Cheetah Costumes

Wild Kratts Kids Cheetah CostumeIf your little one is more of a cat person, the cheetah Wild Kratts costume might be just the thing. The cheetah costume comes in blue or green and includes a padded jumpsuit (for extra muscle) with an attached tail and a mask with cheetah ears. Shoes are not included and the costume does not feature shoe covers, but any pair of tennis shoes should do the trick.

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Wild Kratts Human Costumes

If you or another child want to get in on the fun this Halloween, there are several human Wild Kratts costumes from the show that can be re-created with simple day-to-day clothing. Aviva Corcovado is the leader on the gang on the show. Aviva sports a purple v-neck t-shirt, a yellow zip-down jacket with a blue racing stripe on each sleeve, flare jeans, and blue converse shoes. She has long brown hair that she keeps in a pony tail.

Chris and Martin Kratt are the other main members of the team, and they are based on real people. Chris and Martin are brothers who dress similarly on the show. Chris has short brown hair and wears a green collared jacket that he keeps zipped up, along with khaki shorts and red and black hiking shoes. The only difference in Martin’s appearance is that he has short blonde hair and wears a blue jacket that is zipped nearly all the way down.

Jimmy Z is the other main character that kids love. He has shaggy orange hair and wears a gray shirt with a red animal printed on it over a long-sleeved white shirt, red plaid shorts, and white and gray tennis shoes. He also sports a blue cap with a gray brim. The shirt that he wears might be difficult to find, but the decal is simple and wouldn’t be difficult to create with a gray t-shirt and some puff-paint or spare red fabric.

If you still need costumes for the kids or want the entire trick-or-treat group to match, there are plenty of costumes for animals that the Kratts and Aviva have encountered. Giraffes, racoons, zebras, rhinos, and polar bears are all animals they have rescued on the show, and simple animal costumes would keep with the theme of other Wild Kratts Halloween costumes.

The possibilities are endless to create costumes for this fun and educational show. Any kid is sure to love a Wild Kratts Halloween costume for years to come.