Tron Legacy Costumes

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Tron Legacy Costumes - Adult Male Costume
Tron Legacy Costumes - Quorra Adult Costume
Tron Legacy Costumes - Child Costume

Tron The Legacy was surely one of the biggest blockbusters to hit our screen recently and it’s not surprising that many of us fantasize about taking center stage in our own Tron inspired adventure; now we can as soon as we transform ourselves with the help of these Tron Legacy Costumes!

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Just put on the costume and be transported into a technologically advanced cyber world of your own, where you can leap through the physical world and computer dimensions! Complete with everything you need to really get into the mood, the Tron Legacy Costumes are sure to get you looking just like a true warrior of the grid! In fact in a matter of seconds you can look and feel juts like the hero, Sam Flynn.

The Tron Legacy Costumes are made up of a jumpsuit with reflective prints in a standard adult size and all you will need to complete your Tron outfit is the all important disc. Turn up wearing this cool costume and everyone at any fancy dress party will no doubt be impressed as you take on the characteristics of the true Tron Legacy!

Perhaps your other half is a fan too? Well not to worry, there is a fantastic Tron costume for her too. All ladies passionate about the grid can indulge in transforming into the cool  and sexy isometric organism, Iso.

The costume for her comes in a futuristic tunic top also with reflective print and a sonic weld patch. The costume is completed with the matching leggings included and comes in Small, Medium and Large. As with his version, all you need to head into your own Tron world is the disc.

Tron Legacy Costumes are a great idea for a family costume party

And what about the kids? Well, they too can get kicking in the futuristic grid of the Tron Legacy in the child version of the Tron Legacy Costumes. The kiddie version comes in small, medium and large and is surer to make any little man feel like a true hero! Made up of a jumpsuit with padded chest and arms as well as the signature reflective print and sonic weld patch, this costume will transport any young Tron fan into the grid!

Watch the movie trailer below for more ideas on how to make your Tron Legacy Costumes even more realistic

And if your whole family is a fan of this futuristic movie hit, then why not take advantage of the Tron Legacy costumes and become a Tron Legacy Family for your next fancy dress occasion!

Overall, the Tron Legacy costumes are excellent and really do capture the film’s feel and vibe. The only drawback to the costumes is that they do not include identity discs, which of course would complete the costumes even more. However, it wouldn’t be too difficult to make a disc yourself and it is very likely that you will be able to buy these separately.

So if you are juts dying to get into the grid and become the new Tron hero, the  you are sure to love the Tron Legacy Costumes.

Click here to see the Tron Legacy Costumes