Transformers 3 Bumblebee Costume

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Transformers 3 Bumblebee Costume - Dark Of The Moon Movie
Transformers 3 Bumblebee Costume - Mask And T-Shirt

The amazing story of Transformers made a big entrance onto our screens once again curtsey of the new film, Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon; and with it we are offered a cool new Halloween costume in the form of the Transformers 3 Bumblebee Costume!

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With a whole new story, special effects and directed by Michael Bay, this new blockbuster was the hit of 2011. What’s more, the latest of the Transformers films uses some impressive cinematography which truly brings our favorite heroes into a the new dawn of our time. And what good timing for us all to be reminded of the Transformers with Halloween coming up…

Wondering who to go as this year? Well take a look at the cool Transformers 3 Bumblebee Costume! Modeled on the fun-loving and loyal Autobot from the new movie, this costume screams cool and will have everyone marveling at your cunning resemblance to the real thing.

Complete with robotic printed jumpsuit with zipper; extremely detailed helmet with light up eyes; 3D chest piece; hip piece; left gauntlet as well as right gauntlet with attached cannon, this Transformers 3 Bumblebee costume looks extremely realistic and is sue to transform you whiting minutes! The Transformers 3 Bumblebee costume comes in size X-Large and looks amazingly realistic!

This Transformers 3 Bumblebee costume promises to make you center of attention. But what if you want to dress up as Bumblebee, but wish to avoid a crowd gathering around you? Or perhaps you tend to go for a slightly less extreme look? Well, it’s your lucky day, because there is a  Transformers 3 Bumblebee Costume to suit your taste too!

This version of the Transformers 3 Bumblebee costume includes a Bumblebee vinyl mask and Autobot print T-Shirt which replicates the look in an effortless way. If you want to look great and keep comfort your number one priority, then this is the one to go for. Simply put on your favorite jeans, slip on the robo-shirt and wear the mask as and when you please. This version of the costume comes in 2 Adult sizes, Teen-Standard and Standard Plus. In addition the t-shirt is machine washable for easy maintenance.

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Find your perfect Bumblebee Costume

Both these costumes are superb and make fantastic Halloween costumes. One is extremely to the point with plenty of detail to really help you embody Bumblebee. The other, although more low key, will do the job just as well and may be a better choice for those who prefer the more relaxed approach to costumes. Either way, these costumes are sure to make you a big hit at any party!

Transformers 3 Bumblebee Costume for the whole family

How about dressing up your whole family as Bumblebee this year? Check out these other Transformers 3 Bumblebee Costumes available:

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With Halloween coming up you are sure to find plenty of opportunities to wear your new and most favorite costume! So if you are Transformers fan and are looking for a chance to star in your own Autobot adventure, then a Transformers 3 Bumblebee Costume is likely to be a great choice this Halloween!

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