Tintin Halloween Costumes

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Have the Adventure of a Lifetime Wearing the Tintin Costumes

tintin adult halloween costumeBesides the lead character of Tintin, there are plenty of other Tintin costumes to choose from. You can go as a sailor, the Captain, or even one of the twins.

All of the costumes are officially licensed, so you can count on looking like the characters looked in the movie.

The Captain Haddock outfit features a sailing jacket and combination sweater. With the screen printed anchor on the front, you can tell he really loves his job. The Captain is also known for his thick beard and captain’s hat, so you’re provided with one of each with the costume. The jacket/sweater is only available in one standard adult size.

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Besides the hat and beard, there is also one more accessory that you should consider getting. Bringing along a pipe with you would really make you look like the old Captain.

Tintin Captain Haddock CostumeThe selection of costumes also includes the main Tintin outfit. There is a long trench coat that has a special character screen printed on it. Beneath the coat, you’re provided with a blue sweater to wear along with a pair of brown trousers. The Tintin outfit is also available only in one standard adult size.

There are various accessories that would make the Tintin outfit look even better. If you really want to look like the movie version of Tintin, then you’ll need to wear a pair of knee-high socks, and also don an appropriate wig. A pair of brown shoes will also help complete the look.

Thompson Twin CostumeThe Tintin costumes also include twin Interpol agent costumes. In the movie, these agents weren’t exactly the best the agency had to offer. Their costume features a black jacket that also has a special character screen-printed on it. A shirt is also attached and also has a tie printed on. The rest of the twin outfits include a large hat and a large nose with a mustache attached.

This pair of outfits is perfect if you and your buddy are going to a party. Hopefully, you’re both of a similar size, since these twin outfits are only available in a standard adult size. Pants or shoes aren’t included. The trench coat is made from polyester. Therefore, it’s best that you wash it in cold water. Don’t wash it in the machine, as it’s best that it be done by hand.

The best thing about these costumes is that they’re officially licensed products. This means that they closely match the outfits worn by the characters in the movie. One of the best costumes is of one of the Interpol agents. The large nose accessory complete with a mustache is a really nice look. The same can also be said about the fact that Captain Haddock’s costume comes with a hat and beard too.

These Tintin costumes are really worth the investment. You have the option of going as the Captain, a sailor, or one of the clumsy Interpol agents. Your friends may not even be able to tell who you are if you go as an agent thanks to the big nose and mustache that you’ll be wearing.

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