Thor Sif Costume

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Look Like a True Goddess With the Thor Sif Costume

Adult Thor Sif CostumeWear the Thor Sif costume and join the mission to protect Earth. In the new movie, Thor was protected by a beautiful Norse warrior. Now, you can look just like his loyal companion with this officially licensed Thor product.

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The Thor Sif costume consists of a gold and burgundy mini-dress which also has silver faux armor accents. True to the character in the movie, you’re also provided with a pair of burgundy leggings to complete the outfit. You’ll surely turn plenty of heads upon arriving at a costume party with such a sexy outfit on.

Thor Sif Costume Highlights

You’re provided with various accessories to go with the Thor Sif costume as well. Most importantly, you’re given a pair of fingerless gloves that match the look of the mini-dress. This fingerless design makes it much easier for you to use your weapon. There is also a belt that seemingly holds the dress in place.

In the movie, Sif was responsible for protecting Thor, son of Odin. She couldn’t exactly do this without a weapon. Unfortunately, a weapon isn’t included whenever you buy the Thor Sif costume.

However, you do have the option of buying an officially licensed Thor plastic sword to go with the costume. This sword is very detailed, with Norse details on the handle and faux blade. Also, it’s no knife posing as a mighty sword, since it measures 28 inches long.

Shoes aren’t included with the Thor Sif costume either. One good option is to buy a pair of sexy boots to go with the sultry mini-dress. The mini-dress is made from polyester, so you’ll need to wash it by hand whenever it gets dirty.

This Thor Sif costume is designed to be worn by adults. There are three different adult sizes for you to purchase including small, medium, and large. The small size is perfect for women who wear a size 4-6. The medium and large sizes are for sizes 8-10 and 12-14 respectively.

After buying and trying on this Thor Sif costume, you will most likely be very pleased with your decision to buy it. The mini-dress is incredibly sexy, so you’ll definitely get everyone’s attention at the party. The outfit also includes the fingerless gloves and a pair of leggings to top everything off.

The Thor Sif Costume is great for couples who want to dress up together

Sif is a powerful warrior in the movie. People who haven’t seen the movie likely won’t be able to tell this if you wear the costume by itself. It doesn’t come with her sword which is unforgivable since she’s a mighty Nordic warrior goddess. This outfit is a great choice if you’re in a relationship though. You could dress up as Sif and your male companion could dress up as Thor. You two would look like a mighty couple indeed.

If you want to dress up as a powerful Nordic goddess at your next Halloween party, then you should definitely consider buying this outfit. The burgundy and gold mini-dress will surely have you turning heads all night, especially if you also buy a pair of sexy boots to go along with the Thor Sif costume.

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