Thor Loki Costume

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Thor Loki Costume - Thor Movie Deluxe Adult CostumeWith Halloween coming up, many of us are already starting to think of what costumes we may want to wear and the Thor Loki costume is very likely to become a favorite for many Thor fans out there.
We can confidently say that the new Thor blockbuster is sure to put all of the epic tale’s charters into our mind, promising some interesting and engaging Thor Halloween costumes for any fancy dress occasion.

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The vast tale of Thor, firstly known as a myth, followed by comics, graphic novels and most recently as the new motion picture centers around the over confident and favorite son of Odin, Thor. Having made some bad choices and brought danger to his home land, Asgard, Thor is banished from the land of gods and sent to Earth until he can prove his worth and honor.

The story also depicts the unraveling dysfunction of Thor’s relationship with his brother, Loki who is also Thor’s arch enemy and the Norse god of mischief. Now you too can get on to the dark side and embody the awesome Loki.

Watch this interview with scenes from the movie see how realistic the Thor Loki Costume is

The Thor Loki costume may even come up as favorite above Thor, due to the brilliant acting that Tom Hiddleston (Loki) brings to this already intriguing and strong character. And with such a strong performance, many fans just won’t be able to take on the role of the evil enemy of Thor this Halloween.

The Thor Loki costume includes a jumpsuit with padded faux armor, detachable jade de cape and an extremely detailed gold helmet, which truly captures the look of Loki in the latest blockbuster. It is available in two adult sizes, X-large and Plus. All you need to add to the Thor Loki costume to make it complete are a pair of black boots or shoes and you are ready to cause havoc among both Earth and Asgard!

Thor Loki Costume Highlights

Overall, this is a very well made Thor Loki costume that will transport you into the fantastic world of Asgard in no time! The jumpsuit has plenty of detail to truly echo the newest depiction of Loki in the 2011 film. It is decorated with patterns of gold and green and silver, giving it a stunning look. The helmet is brilliantly detailed and really does give the costume an edge.

For Thor fans out there this will definitely be the costume to go for this Halloween. However with the new motion picture set to uptake many more new Thor fans, this Thor Loki costume will definitely make heads turn throughout the upcoming holidays. Whether you have loved the myth of Thor and the amazing tale of Asgard or are newly inspired by the epic film, the Thor Loki costume is no doubt an excellent choice this Halloween.

Click here to see this Halloween Thor Loki Costume