The Incredibles Costumes

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incrediblesWith a sequel promised within the next year (hopefully), The Incredibles Halloween Costumes will remind everyone how much they loved the original just in time to see the story continue. Believe it or not, 2015 is seeing some new Halloween costumes for the beloved super family.

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Mrs. Incredible Costumes

The Incredibles Adult Mrs. Incredible CostumeMrs. Incredible, a.k.a. Elastigirl, can stretch to incredible lengths for her family. While the Mrs. Incredible The Incredibles Halloween Costume won’t have the same effect, it will still catch everyone’s eye at this year’s Halloween party.

The costume includes a printed bodysuit with black gloves and a black eye mask. The suit loops under any pair of shoes, so any pair of black flats or heels and they will blend perfectly with this costume.

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Mr. Incredible Costumes

The Incredibles Adult Mr. Incredible CostumeMr. Incredible’s power is that he is super strong, but there’s no workout required with the Mr. Incredible The Incredibles Halloween Costume. Available in regular and plus sizes, the Mr. Incredible costume comes with a full printed bodysuit that includes a head piece. If you don’t want to wear the headpiece and prefer to bare your own luscious locks, Amazon sells a black half mask for under five dollars. Black boots would also be a stylish addition to give the costume some extra depth.

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Violet Costumes

The Incredibles Child Violet CostumeViolet is the eldest child of Helen and Bob Parr (Mrs. and Mr. Incredible to you), and her powers include forcefields and invisibility. The Violet Tween Incredibles Halloween Costume includes a printed dress with faux leather skirt, faux leather gloves, black leggings, and a black eye mask. Add a pair of black boots or tennis shoes and the look is complete.

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Jack Jack Costume

The Incredibles Baby Jack Jack CostumeThe Jack Jack The Incredibles Halloween Costume is adorable – but don’t worry, it won’t turn your baby into a flaming terror. The baby and toddler Jack Jack costume consists of a jumpsuit and headpiece that includes hair and a black eye mask to match the rest of the family.

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Dash Costumes

The Incredibles Child Dash CostumeUnfortunately, there is no new The Incredibles Halloween Costume for Dash this year. However, past years have featured a Dash costume, or you could make one yourself with red pants, a red shirt, and a bit of sewing know-how. The logo is a simple design that can be recreated by sewing the design on, using puff-paint, or spray-painting it with a stencil and fabric-friendly spray paint. Black gloves, black boots, and a black eye-mask are all sold separately for relatively low price-points.

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Syndrome Costumes

On that note, some people just want to be bad. Syndrome, the villain of the first movie, doesn’t have an official The Incredibles Halloween Costume. Syndrome’s costume consists of a black jumpsuit with a large “S” painted on the front, a black cape, white gloves, and white boots. The cape, gloves, and boots can be purchased, but one might need to get creative with the jumpsuit. Refer to some of the methods suggested for the Dash costume above to add the “S” to complete a Syndrome costume. A variety of short, red wigs are available that could be modified with styling glue (or real glue; it is a wig after all) to resemble Syndrome’s sleek blow-back style.

Combine costumes to go as a couple, a family, or just a group of friends. Maybe you’ll pick up some other superheros on your travels. Whoever your favorite hero (or villain), there is a The Incredibles Halloween Costume out there for you.