The Dictator Halloween costumes

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Somehow, some way, Sasha Baron Cohen is able to continuously reinvent himself and give us some of the funniest (and smartest) comedy characters of all time. He hit absolute home runs with Borat and Bruno, and now has given us one of the funniest movies of the year in The Dictator.

Always playing with the people he presents in the movies, and sometimes holding up the mirror for us all to see the jokes, The Dictator draws on current events and both leaves us laughing in side splitting hysterics as well as question the underlying message.

If you’re looking to add a bunch of spice to your Halloween parties this year, it would be tough to beat these The Dictator Halloween costumes.

When you slide into The Dictator Halloween costumes, you become the world’s foremost leader and motivator and the consummate ladies man. This is the perfect costume for those with outgoing and out there personalities – it’s not easy being a dictator in hiding!

The Dictator Halloween costumes for men come complete with everything you need to shock and awe all of your party guests this coming Halloween. The costumes come complete with full white dress uniform, rows and rows of medals, and a sash. While you’ll need to add the beard, sunglasses and hat later (as well as a healthy sense of humor), this is the perfect foundation for pulling off one of the most realistic The Dictator Halloween costumes available.

Admiral General Aladeen Track Outfit CostumeYou can also assume the identity of other The Dictator Halloween costumes, like the Admiral General Aaldeen track costume. The fix might be in for the Wadiya race results, but you’ll still look the part with your orange shirt with printed race numbers and green shorts. You’ll need to grab the perfect wig and beard set, but you’ll have the basics for a great Dictator costume.

There is also the option to become one of the world’s true dictators, and supposedly a close fried of The Dictator – Fidel Castro. There is a complete outfit that’s perfect for you to turn yourself into the feared and respected Fidel Castro, complete with full green military uniform, long grey beard and military style hat.

The Dictator Virgin Guard CostumeFor the ladies out there that cannot get enough of The Dictator, there is an option for perfect The Dictator Halloween costumes. You’ll be able to transform yourself into the oh so sexy Virgin Guard member, the purest bodyguards found on the planet. We have the perfect gold military style dress and red beret, all you’ll need to provide is the attitude and dress shoes!

These are definitely adult themed based costumes and as such there are no child sizes offered. There are multiple sizes in each costume to fit just about any adult though, both in men and women sizes. We know that with these The Dictator Halloween costumes you’ll be the hit of the party and so long as you don’t have identical personalities you should be able to stay off the CIA’s radar this Halloween!

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