The Avengers Halloween costumes

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The Avengers Halloween costumesThere may not have been a bigger summer movie for superhero and comic fans this 2012 summer than The Avengers – the super team of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye, and the Black Widow!

It was definitely one of the summer’s biggest blockbusters, and while it would be tough to get a hold of the real Iron Man suit, or Cap’s shield, don’t worry – You can still become your favorite superhero this Halloween with The Avengers Halloween costumes!

Imagine how cool it will be when you are able to step into the same suit that Iron Man used to defend Earth from the evil Loki! You’ll take on the always entertaining persona of Tony Stark, master of Stark Enterprises and the real Iron Man. Adults and kids will look fantastic in this full body Iron Man costume, complete with rippling muscles and LED arc reactor. If you want to become Iron Man this Halloween, this is the best way to do it!

Captain America CostumeOr maybe you’d like to strap into the red, white, and blue of Captain America, the first Avenger! With absolutely no need to be improved with the Super Soldier Serum and definitely avoiding the whole time travel thing, you’ll be able to take on the identity of one of the most iconic superheroes the world has ever seen. There are sizes for kids and adults alike, and The Avengers Captain America Halloween costumes come complete with everything you need to look just like Cap did in the movies – complete with his shield!

People will scurry from underfoot when they see you coming down the street in your Incredible Hulk costume – the last thing they’ll want to do is make you angry! The Avengers Halloween costumes are all fantastic, but there is something special about putting on the big green guy’s suit – especially since it’s a full body suit complete with rippling and bulging hulk muscles and a realistic hulk mask!

The Hulk costumeAnd of course we can’t forget about the ladies who love The Avengers Halloween costumes just as much as the fellas – we have the perfect Black Widow costume for you! There’s just something about those red heads, and this Black Widow costume has all you need to defend and protect the world while driving all of the fellas nuts! And if a black leather jumpsuit isn’t your thing, there is also a very cool Captain America Girl version that would be a perfect compliment to any of The Avengers costumes.

All in all The Avengers Halloween costumes are of the finest material and build qualities, and it won’t matter if you’re pulling an Iron Man and going it solo, or looking to outfit your entire Avengers team with Avengers costumers – these are the real deal. The only thing that would possibly make them better is the inclusion of super powers, but unfortunately that just isn’t cost effective – yet. These outfits will be able to outfit all of your Avengers fans in the household this Halloween, and be sure to collect a bunch of candy while you’re protecting the world!

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