Tangled Rapunzel Costume

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Become a Princess with the Tangled Rapunzel Costume

Tangled Rapunzel CostumeMost little girls love dressing up like a princess, so they would surely love having the Tangled Rapunzel costume in their closets.  This officially licensed Disney product comes with a dress, petticoat, and a headband to complete the look.

The princess dress included with the Tangled Rapunzel costume has pink and purple colors.  The sparkling petticoat matches up very nicely with it.  To top off the costume, there is a bejeweled headband with three jewels in the front.

Rapunzel has always been known for her extra-long hair.  If your child doesn’t have hair as long as hers, then she won’t exactly complete the look.  The Tangled Rapunzel costume doesn’t come with a wig, but you can buy an extra-long blonde princess wig as an accessory.  Just make sure that you remember to buy the wig cap so her real hair will stay in place nicely.

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The Tangled Rapunzel costume doesn’t come with a pair of shoes, but you have the option of buying a pair as an accessory.  The featured ones include a pair of sparkling silver shoes with a bow on the top of them.  These shoes are available in a wide range of children’s sizes.

Tangled Rapunzel Costume Details

This Tangled Rapunzel costume is also available in three different child and toddler sizes.  They include 3T/4T, 4/6, and 7/8.  The dress doesn’t exactly provide that much warmth, so your little one will likely need a heavy coat if Halloween nights are exceptionally cold in your area.

One option would be to get a pair of white opaque tights.  They’re available as an accessory when you buy the Tangled Rapunzel costume.  The tights are made completely from nylon and are available in small, medium, and large sizes.

The Tangled Rapunzel costume itself is made from polyester.  This means that you can’t just toss it in the washing machine whenever it gets dirty.  You will need to wash it by hand instead.

Your little princess will love how beautiful the Tangled Rapunzel costume is.  She will love wearing it around the house even if it’s nowhere near Halloween.  The headband to complete the look is a nice touch, but you aren’t provided with any other accessories for the princess.

No one can be Rapunzel without long hair, and the Tangled Rapunzel costume doesn’t come with a suitable wig.  You’re not even provided with a pair of tights, so wearing the dress in colder climates can be a problem on Halloween nights.  You will likely need to cover up the dress with a much heavier coat in this case.

Overall, the Tangled Rapunzel costume would likely make a great buy for you and your little one.  The sparkling dress is absolutely beautiful and comes complete with the headband and petticoat.  There are a range of sizes available, so the dress probably won’t be too loose or too tight.

It may be in your best interests to get a pair of the nylon tights available as an accessory.  You’re almost required to get the optional wig if you want your little girl to really look like Rapunzel and have exceptionally long hair.

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