Sucker Punch Blondie Costume

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Enter a Fantasy World in the Sucker Punch Blondie Costume

Sucker Punch Blondie CostumeIf you want to look sexy and dangerous this Halloween, then the Sucker Punch Blondie costume is a pretty good choice if you’re a fan of the hit Zachary Snyder movie.

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In the movie, Blondie is an exotic dancer housed in a mental institution. Some of your other friends can portray one of the other sexy characters.

This is an officially licensed product, so the Sucker Punch Blondie costume is based on the exact look as seen in the film. It includes a bodysuit, gloves, belt, and thigh highs.

One of the main items that comes with the Sucker Punch Blondie costume is the low-cut bodysuit. The bodysuit is easy to get into and out of thanks to the fact that it zips up. The bodysuit is completed with a pair of booty short bottoms. You’ll also be provided with a matching belt for the suit that has fringe attached.

Meet Blondie

A pair of long gloves are also included with the Sucker Punch Blondie costume. These faux leather gloves feature a fingerless design and also have fringe like the belt. In order to complete the look, there is also a pair of thigh high stockings included in the package.

The Sucker Punch Blondie costume is available in four different sizes. The extra-small is for sizes between 0 and two while the small is for women who wear a size between four and six. The medium and large sizes are designed for women who wear between an eight or ten or ten and 12 respectively. It’s also important to note that the material is polyester, so you’ll need to spot clean the costume.

Being a licensed product, the Sucker Punch Blondie costume offers you the complete look of Blondie’s character in the movie. However, you may want to buy one important accessory to go with it. This consists of the axe that she fights the bad guys off with. You can buy the official Blondie Axe separately.

Speaking of accessories, you may also want to consider buying a pair of lust boots fitted with a 3.75-inch heel. Wearing them would definitely complement this sexy outfit. You can buy the boots in sizes ranging from six to 12.

 Sucker Punch Blondie Costume Pros

The best thing about the Sucker Punch Blondie costume is that it’s very sexy and also offers a great level of detail. You will appreciate the fact that the bodysuit offers convenient access thanks to the zipper design. You’ll have the complete look thanks to the fringed gloves and belt that are included in the package.

 Sucker Punch Blondie Costume Cons

There really aren’t many negatives as far as this Sucker Punch Blondie costume is concerned. The only thing that you will need to buy to complete the look of the outfit is the official Blondie axe. If you don’t have a pair of boots to go with it, then you should also consider getting the lust boots.

Fans of the popular film will have plenty of options as far as lead characters are concerned. If you’re a blond, then this sexy costume would make the obvious choice. Make sure that you buy her axe to bring along when you wear the Sucker Punch Blondie costume.

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