Sucker Punch Amber Costume

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Bring Fantasy to Real Life With the Sucker Punch Amber Costume

Sucker Punch Amber CostumeWith the Sucker Punch Amber costume on, you’ll truly be one of the sexiest soldiers alive.

This officially licensed product allows you to copy the complete look of the fantasy character from the movie. It comes with a jacket, pair of shorts, choker, and headpiece.

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One of the first pieces of the Sucker Punch Amber costume is the jacket. This army-style is indeed a throwback, reminiscent of 1930s or 1940s uniforms. The black and olive jacket has an attached top, complete with small ruffle accents.

Whenever you purchase this Sucker Punch Amber costume, you’re also provided with a pair of small booty shorts with ruffle trim. However, this isn’t all that you have to wear on your lower body, since you’re also provided with a pair of olive chaps. The knees of these chaps have slits. In order to complete the look, there is also an army hat headpiece as well as a choker.

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The Sucker Punch Amber costume is available in four different sizes to fit everyone. They include x-small, small, medium, and large. The extra-small outfit is designed to fit most people between sizes 0 and two and the small outfit fits most sizes between four and six.

The medium size is for people between eight and ten, while the large size is for women between sizes ten and 12. It’s important to note that this costume is made from polyester. Therefore, you will need to spot clean it whenever it gets dirty. Avoid putting it in the washing machine or you just may ruin it.

Sucker Punch Amber Costume Accessories

In the movie, Amber had her signature brunette look. If you’re not a brunette yourself, you may want to consider buying a wig to pull off the look. The official Amber wig features a side bun just like the character in the movie. Just remember to buy a wig cap too so you can keep your real hair in place.

As a soldier, you will also need a weapon. In the movie, Amber was known for carrying around a knife housed in a sheath. You can also buy the official prop consisting of a perforated-edge dagger and faux leather sheath. No shoes come with the Sucker Punch Amber costume either. Since you’re a soldier, you may want to wear a pair of combat boots and some fishnet stockings to look like the character.

Sucker Punch Amber Costume Pros

If you’re looking to show off a lot of skin, then this costume should be right up your alley. It’s a sexy look without going overboard. The booty shorts beneath the olive and black chaps truly are sexy.

Sucker Punch Amber Costume Cons

The main thing that you might not like about this costume is that it doesn’t come with a weapon. You can’t exactly be a soldier without one, so it’s best that you get the knife and sheath. A wig also could have been included, so you’ll be forced to buy one separately.

If you want to play one of the sexy characters from the fantasy movie, then this is an excellent choice. So, consider the Sucker Punch Amber costume for your next outing.

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