SpongeBob Movie Costumes

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SpongeBobSpongeBob Squarepants has been a cultural phenomenon for over fifteen years now, but fans have something new to be excited about this year: SpongeBob Movie Halloween costumes! Sponge Out of Water is a full-length film that takes the sea creatures we know and love and recreates them in three dimensions. The new and imaginative SpongeBob Halloween costumes reflect 3D versions of SpongeBob and his pal Patrick Star.

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SpongeBob Costumes

SpongeBob Movie inflatable kids costumeThe SpongeBob Movie inflatable kids costume features SpongeBob’s superhero alter-ego, Invincibubble. The costume is an inflatable jumpsuit with muscle details and Invincibubble’s bubble-blowing headpiece. The costume is inflated by a built-in, battery operated fan. Shoes are not included, but any black shoes will match the costume. If you want to be really authentic, black patent leather shoes for kids are available on Amazon.

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SpongeBob Muscle Chest costumeFor a more muscular version of Invincibubble, the SpongeBob Movie kids SpongeBob Muscle Chest costume is the perfect fit. It features a padded jumpsuit with defined chest, ab, and arm muscles; pants with faux shorts that mimic SpongeBob’s yellow legs, gym socks, and shoes; and a plastic headpiece. Shoes are not included, but the costume’s shoe covers will allow you to wear any shoes you like without compromising the style of the costume.

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Patrick Star Costumes

Inflatable Patrick Star costumeLet’s not forget about SpongeBob’s best friend Patrick. The SpongeBob Movie inflatable Patrick Star costume for kids is the fun counterpart to the SpongeBob Inflatable Halloween costume. It includes an inflatable jumpsuit with built in fan, headpiece, and shoe covers. You will need your own shoes to wear with the costume, but they will be hidden under the shoe covers, meaning you won’t have to worry about matching your shoes to the costume.

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Patrick Star Muscle Chest CostumeThe SpongeBob Movie Patrick Star Muscle chest costume for kids will do more for the physique than SpongeBob’s inflatable anchor arms from season one. This costume comes with a full-body jumpsuit with shoe covers and headpiece. The jumpsuit features detailed muscle padding in the arms and torso.

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Squidward’s Sour Note Costume

Do you have a party of three and need matching SpongeBob Halloween costumes? The costume for Squidward’s alter-ego Sour Note is easy to make at home. All you need is a long-sleeved gold shirt, which will be easy to find in the athletic clothing section of many stores. Add a white, v-neck border around the collar by sewing it on with cloth or using clothing-friendly paint. While you’re at it, paint or sew a black musical note onto the front for Sour Note’s icon. White, elbow length gloves are available for a low price-point, then add a black belt with a golden belt-buckle. Sour Note’s headpiece can be fashioned out of a swimming cap painted gold and some cardboard shaped like black musical notes, and all that’s left is the shoes. Sour Note wears white boots similar to Uggs that have piano key detailing on the front. Any white boots will do, and you can use the leftover clothing paint from the musical note icon to add the black piano keys. Costume complete!

SpongeBob is rapidly turning into a cultural classic who doesn’t seem to be going away any time