Smurf Halloween Costume

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Show Your True Blue Colors With the Smurf Halloween Costume

Adult Smurf Halloween CostumeNostalgic fans of the old cartoons and newer fans of the current movie will love dressing up in the Smurf Halloween costume. It is an officially licensed Smurfs products, so you’ll be sure to show your true colors. The costume consists of a bright blue shirt, pair of white pants, and the typical hat that the little creatures are known to wear.

You absolutely can’t be a smurf without showing off the trademark blue look. Therefore, this Smurf Halloween costume is packaged with a bright blue shirt. You’re also provided with a pair of bright blue mittens to cover up your hands. To complete the look, you’re also provided with a pair of white pants. They also have boot covers attached since real Smurfs always wear white boots.

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Smurf Halloween Costume Details

You wouldn’t exactly look like a Smurf if you didn’t have the appropriate headpiece on. So, the Smurf Halloween costume comes with a character headpiece for you to wear. So you can really get into character, you should consider buying a bottle of blue makeup so you can be totally blue.

Loved the 2011 Smurf movie? Then you’ll love this costume as well!

This Smurf Halloween costume is available in two different adult sizes. They include standard and extra-large. You should be able to wear the shirt in the package if you normally wear a size 50 or less. The larger white pants included with the outfit are designed to fit adults that wear a size between 42 and 46.

Polyester is the main material used to make this costume. It is best that you not put the shirt, pants, or headpiece in your washing machine. Whenever either of these clothing items get dirty, you should wash them by hand. You shouldn’t use your dryer to dry them either. Instead, they should be hung up on the line until they have had a chance to dry completely.

Smurf Halloween Costume Pros

After buying this Smurf Halloween costume, you’ll likely agree that it was indeed a great buy. The bright blue shirt and matching mittens will truly make you look like one of these small, blue creatures. You’ll even be provided with the white boot covers to complete the look.

Smurf Halloween Costume Cons

There aren’t many reasons that you shouldn’t buy the Smurf Halloween costume. You don’t need much to look like a smurf, and you’re provided with everything that you need. The only thing you may want to buy is a small bottle of blue makeup to put on your face so you can be blue and white from head to toe.

For these reasons, you should definitely buy this costume for your next Halloween party. As mentioned, it’s an officially licensed product, so it’s a great investment for people who like the Smurfs because of the new 2011 movie, or older adults who grew up watching the cartoons.

You can find this costume for an average price of $35 which of course doesn’t include shipping. Fortunately, the outfit is available for international shipping so fans from all over the globe can get their hands on one. So, make sure that you have your Smurf Halloween costume ready in your closet by the time the next costume party comes around.

The costume is also available for children and toddlers

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