Scream 4 Halloween Costume

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Strike Fear Into Everyone in the Scream 4 Halloween Costume

Scream 4 Halloween CostumeIf one of your child’s favorite movies is Scream, then the Scream 4 Halloween costume would be a great choice.

Wearing it would surely help them scare all of their friends on that special night. The Scream 4 Halloween costume includes a hooded robe, belt, mask, and gloves.

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The black robe is made from a blend of cotton and polyester. Putting it on is incredibly easy since you just have to put it on over your head and secure it using the Velcro enclosure fitted behind the neck. The robe also has a hood that’s fitted with foam material to help it keep its shape.

The Scream 4 Halloween costume robe certainly doesn’t look brand new. The edges of both sleeves are tattered and have a long strip of cloth running down the end of them. The bottom of the robe also features a tattered appearance. There is also a tattered cloth belt used to keep the robe in order. This is almost exactly like the costume that was featured in the movie.

The Scream 4 Halloween costume also comes with the signature mask worn by the evil characters in the movie. This ghost face mask secures onto your head using an elastic strap. It is constructed of latex, so if you’re allergic to the material, it wouldn’t be a good idea for you to wear it.

A pair of black polyester gloves are also packaged with this Scream 4 Halloween costume. You won’t have any problem wearing them no matter what size your hands are since they stretch to accommodate a wide variety of sizes.

This Scream 4 Halloween costume is available in two different child sizes, consisting of medium and large. Although this is an officially licensed product, it doesn’t include the knife prop. A pair of shoes also aren’t included, so you will need to wear your own.

If you truly want to reenact the movie part, then you shouldn’t go around using your normal voice. The evil killers in the movie certainly didn’t. They always made use of a voice changer. You too have the option of buying a voice changer accessory to go with the outfit and make it a truly authentic portrayal.

As mentioned earlier, theĀ Scream 4 Halloween costume robe is made from a combination of polyester and cotton. You will have to wash it by hand instead of tossing it in the machine for this reason.

Scream 4 Halloween Costume Highlights

The main thing that you’ll like about the Scream 4 Halloween costume is that it offers great detail as far as the robe goes. It is basically in tatters just like in the movie. You will also like that there’s elastic to help keep it snug no matter what size you are. The foam in the hood will also help keep its shape.

The mask really helps you bring the character to life. You also won’t have any problems keeping it on your head thanks to the elastic strap. The only problem is that it doesn’t come with a prop knife. You certainly won’t look the part of a killer without it.

You can minimize this problem when you buy the Scream 4 Halloween costume by buying your own knife. If your child or teen is a fan of the movies, then it will certainly be worth it.

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