Saw Halloween Costumes

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Have a Horrific Halloween with the Saw Halloween Costumes

Saw really made an impact with movie audiences when it was first released, despite the fact that there have been plenty horror movies released before it. These Saw Halloween costumes are perfect if you’re going somewhere with a friend.

If you have ever seen the movie, then you certainly won’t be able to forget the character of Jigsaw Puppet. Thanks to the mask that you’re provided with, you’ll look just like the intimidating character. The outfit also includes a white dickie, gloves, and tuxedo jacket.

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Depending on your particular size, you can choose between small, medium, and large sizes. You will need to get your own pair of black pants to go with the black tuxedo jacket. The same also applies to footwear. Consider getting a pair of black boots so you’ll look just like Jigsaw in the movie. To complete the look, it will be helpful to get accessories including black makeup and a plastic butcher knife.

If you’re going to dress as Jigsaw, then one of your companions should go as Pig. This is probably the most unusual of the two Saw Halloween costumes, featuring the special year-of-the-pig mask. The costume also consists of a black, ceremonial robe with red trim. The robe is also fitted with a detachable hood which you can remove with the utmost ease.

Finally, the ensemble is completed with a pair of black gloves that the character is seen wearing. The robe is made from 100% polyester, so be careful when it comes to cleaning it. Try to clean it up by washing it by hand instead of using your washing machine in hopes of avoiding damage to the costume. The robe is available in small, medium, and large sizes.

The best thing about these costumes is that they’re officially licensed. No matter who you choose to go as, you’ll likely look much scarier than any of your fellow companions at the party. The detachable hood is also a nice touch.

However, it has proven to be a source of frustration to some costume-wearers. The Velcro connection makes it easy to detach the robe from the hood. This can also work against you, allowing the hood to come loose at the slightest pressure. More than a couple of customers complained about it doing so when they wore the outfit.

Besides this small problem with the Pig costume, there isn’t much else to complain about. No matter who you choose to dress up as, make sure to get yourself a pair of black boots to go along with the costume. In the case of Jigsaw, a weapon of some sort will definitely be a nice touch, preferably a butcher knife. Just not a real one of course.

If you’re a fan of horror films, the Saw Halloween costumes will be right up your alley. There is no mistaking the look of Jigsaw Puppet. If you won’t be going along, make sure to invite your friend to dress up as the other character so you can look like the duo from the movie.

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