Robin Hood Halloween Costume

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Save the Day in the Robin Hood Halloween Costume

Robin Hood Halloween CostumeWith the Robin Hood Halloween costume, you’ll look like the original hero based in Sherwood Forest. It comes with a shirt, vest, gauntlets, belt, pouch, and boot covers. If you’re bringing a date along, make sure that you ask her to dress up as Maid Marian.

One of the first parts of the costume is the lace-up shirt that you’re provided with. It has a hood attached and is made from polyester. To be distinct from other areas of the shirt, the chest and sleeves feature a green color.

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You should also know that there is a faux leather vest designed to be attached to the shirt. You can easily adjust the vest to accommodate your specific size. There are three black belts on the vest that look very much like real leather. On the chest of the vest is a set of brown lace cords.

When you buy the Robin Hood Halloween costume, you’re also provided with a polyurethane belt. The faux leather belt fits around your waist and secures with the help of a Velcro clasp. A relatively small pouch is also included in the package, which you can use to store your stolen goods. The belt also attaches to a shoulder belt complete with a silver buckle. You can attach this belt to the vest with the aid of Velcro.

The Robin Hood Halloween costume also comes with a pair of brown arm gauntlets. These faux leather fingerless gauntlets will fit over both of your hands with ease. They are also quite comfortable thanks to the fact that they have foam padding on the inside.

Finally, you’re also provided with a pair of matching boot covers. These faux leather covers have cuffs that easily fit over your own shoes. You can also keep them from falling off your shoes since they have an elastic band.

The Robin Hood Halloween costume is available in three different sizes consisting of medium, large, and extra-large. The outfit is made from polyester, so you’ll need to wash it by hand.

Although the outfit is pretty much complete, you should consider buying a few useful accessories. Most importantly, you should get your hands on a faux bow and arrow since you can’t portray Robin Hood without one. You may also want to buy a pair of boots if you don’t have any, but the provided boot covers will go over any pair of shoes.

This is a very classic look which you’ll certainly appreciate. The costume is quite detailed and even comes with a pouch that attaches to the belt. The only thing you can possibly complain about is the fact that it doesn’t come with a toy bow and arrow since that’s one of Robin’s trademarks.

In any event, this costume is still a great choice overall. It features a highly-detailed design and will fit comfortably thanks to the various sizes available. Just try to get a bow and arrow to really complete the look when you buy the Robin Hood Halloween costume for your next gathering.

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