Punisher Halloween Costume

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Wreak Havoc in the Punisher Halloween Costume

We don’t always want to represent the true good guys, do we? If you’re more inclined to represent someone who is both good and evil, then the Punisher Halloween costume is just for you. Frank Castle is known for his violent deeds in the name of justice, and with this officially licensed product, you can take on his persona.

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This costume features a faux leather jumpsuit that instantly transforms you into a muscle-bound guy. As if the muscles weren’t enough to send the right message, there is a white skull located front and center on the chest of the jumpsuit. To carry around all of your much-needed accessories to fulfill your duty, the suit also comes with a stuffed belt.

It should also be noted that the costume is also packaged with a pair of white gloves for you to wear. The only thing that it doesn’t include is a pair of boots, so you’ll need to provide your own shoes. There is a pair of white boot covers included for you though.

There certainly isn’t an extensive list of size options with the Punisher Halloween costume. The only one that you’ll get to choose is x-large. Hopefully, this won’t pose a problem for you when it comes to getting a comfortable fit. The outfit is made from polyester, so you can’t use your washing machine to clean it. If you want to take care of it properly, then you’ll need to spot clean it like the instructions suggest.

So, what exactly are the best features of this outfit? If you’re a fan of the Punisher or simply just want something that portrays someone not-so-good, then you’ll really like this costume. The jumpsuit made of faux leather really looks real. You’ll also like the muscles that you’re instantly provided with. The jumpsuit makes it seem like you’ve spent countless hours working out at the gym.

The price is a bit on the expensive side though. It will currently set you back approximately $75. Another bad thing about the costume is that it isn’t packaged with a pair of guns. The Punisher is nothing without his guns, so you’ll need them to complete the look.

Fortunately, you shouldn’t have much of a problem finding a suitable toy gun to bring along. The Tony Montana inflatable machine gun is big enough to fit the bill. A hard plastic gun may be a bit difficult to tote along, so inflatable plastic can be the perfect alternative. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, then you may want to set your sights on the Special Ops Laser Cannon that comes complete with a holster too.

The Punisher Halloween is designed to please both die-hard and casual fans alike. Being an officially licensed product, you’ll look just like the real character. With such an intimidating look about you, no one would dare get on your bad side at a costume party. This is especially the case if you’re toting around a huge gun with you.

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