Priest Movie Costume

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Battle Evil in the Priest Movie Costume

Priest Movie CostumeIf you’re trying to look like you’re ready to do battle with evil, then get your Priest Movie Costume ready. This outfit is based on the 2011 movie in which the main character sets out to rescue his niece from a hoard of blood thirsty vampires.

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In the movie, the battle attire that Priest wears consists of a black robe that goes all the way down to his ankles. The robe has a hood attached to it, which is perfect for times when you want to appear mysterious.

The Priest Movie costume doesn’t come with a shirt or pair of pants, so you’ll need to wear something of your own beneath the robe. If you really want to complete the look, then you can get an optional makeup kit to look like the character does in the movie after being in a few battles.

Obviously, you’ll need a weapon of some form since you’ll be battling blood thirsty vampires. A cross will be very handy for keeping vampires at bay. You can get an optional monk’s cross to use with the Priest Movie Costume. It’s a lightweight cross made from plastic that measures ten inches long.

The costume itself is an officially licensed product from the movie, so you can rest assured that it looks just like the one worn in the movie. It is available in only one size. However, this size should comfortably fit most grown men. The robe is made from polyester, so it can easily be washed in your washing machine.

Priest Movie Costume Pros

There is nothing at all flashy about the Priest Movie Costume. It’s a simple robe suitable for the task at hand, which is killing as many vampires as possible. The fact that the robe is hooded is nice though since you can look mysterious. Just make sure that you provide your own clothing underneath the robe.

Priest Movie Costume Cons

The only problem about the Priest Movie Costume is that it doesn’t come with the battle cross. How are you supposed to look like you’re ready to battle vampires if you don’t have any type of weapon? The cross should be included with the costume.

In the movie, Priest didn’t set out on his journey by himself. He had a group of warriors with him including a powerful warrior priestess. Therefore, this Priest Movie costume would be an excellent choice if you have a party to go to the party with you.

Your partner could dress up as a priestess to accompany you to the party. Another option would be for her to dress up as one of the vampires that Priest has set out to destroy.

Either way, you will certainly enjoy wearing this costume, whether you’re a fan of the movie or not. The black hooded robe definitely gives you an aura of mystery. It would be a nice touch if you also picked up the optional Monk’s cross to go with the outfit since every priest needs one. So, make sure you give the Priest Movie Costume some thought before your next party.

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