PAW Patrol Costumes

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Pictured: (flying) Skye, (l-r) Zuma, Rubbble, Chase, Ryder,Marshall and Rocky in PAW PATROL on NICKELODEON. Photo: Nickelodeon. ©2013 Viacom, International, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Dress your little pumpkin in one of the cutest outfits this year with PAW Patrol Halloween Costumes. PAW Patrol is a show on Nickelodeon that follows canine heroes who save the day in adorable ways.

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Marshall Costumes

PAW Patrol Marshall CostumeWhy dress your child as a simple fireman when they can be a dalmatian fireman? Marshall is a character on PAW Patrol who follows the old tradition of dalmatian fire dogs. The Marshall PAW Patrol Halloween Costumes come in sizes that fit toddlers to children. The simple Marshall costume includes a fireman’s hat with attached dalmatian ears, jacket, backpack, and flashlight. Shoes and pants are not included, but standard jeans and tennis shoes cannot take away how adorable this costume is.

If you want the whole package, another version of the Marshall costume includes a full-body jumpsuit, hat with ears, and backpack that’s perfect for hiding excess Halloween candy. The sleeves and pants portions of the costume are colored white with black spots, and the ears on the hat match. With this costume, only shoes are not included. If you want to go one step further, the deluxe Marshall PAW Patrol Halloween Costume features a 3D foam fire truck built-in to make it look like your tyke is going for a ride. This version does not include pants or shoes.

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Chase Costumes

PAW Patrol Chase CostumeChase is a police dog with several PAW Patrol Halloween Costumes to choose from. The standard Chase costume includes a jacket, backpack, microphone, and police hat with attached ears. For the complete look, there is a version of the Chase costume with a full-body jumpsuit. This costume includes the jumpsuit with long sleeves and long pants, a police hat with attached ears, and a backpack.

Like the Marshall costume, the backpack is functional as a secret candy stash. The deluxe Chase PAW Patrol Halloween Costume features a tunic with pop-out police car to make it seem like your child is really part of a police chase. Add some functional red flashing lights to add to the fun of the costume and make sure your child is safe at night from any real cars.

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Skye Costume

PAW Patrol Skye CostumeSkye is the last puppy featured with an official PAW Patrol Halloween Costume. Skye is a pilot, so her outfit includes a dress, headpiece that looks like a pilot’s cap and goggles with attached ears, and a backpack. The backpack includes faux wings with hand loops so they can be held at full wingspan. The costume does not include shoes, and some white tights would be an excellent addition to insulate your child from the autumn chill.

The deluxe Skye costume includes a 3D tunic with her airplane attached for the ultimate airplane costume. It also includes a much larger headpiece with attached ears, but does not include pants. Fortunately, standard gray or black pants and shoes fit this costume perfectly.

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Ever get sick of the standard “cat”, “pumpkin”, or “ghost” toddler or kids costumes. Spice it up with one of these delightful PAW Patrol Halloween Costumes and make your Halloween a success.