Green Lantern Costumes

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Green Lantern Costumes - Adult Mens Costume
Green Lantern Costumes - Adult Womens Costume

If you want to be a true hero taking part in a mission to maintain galactic order then you will surely love the new Green Lantern Costumes! Based on the soon to be major box office hit, these costumes will soon be giving us all the chance to get into the heroic action!

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The new film is based on the story of a gifted and self assured test pilot by the name of Hal Jordan. He selected to join a brotherhood of intergalactic warriors, dedicated to keeping justice and balance in the universe. When all that they have been fighting to protect is endangered by a new enemy, the first ever human to be accepted into the brotherhood (the test pilot) is challenged to go beyond his comfort zone and defeat the enemy (Parallax).

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