Monsters University Costumes

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monster-university-costumesMonster University Costumes have been designed to let everybody in the family have a fun Halloween costume party. Turn your toddler boy into the one eyed monster green scarer with the Monsters University Mike Infant Costume. The costume has a long-sleeved stuffed, green tunic with Mike Wazowski’s giant single eye.

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Mike’s smiling mouth has been custom fit with silver retainer. The costume has Mike’s horns on the shoulders. The costume comes with Lime green pants that match the tunic and now you can let your toddler become part of your Monster University scaring team.

Monsters University Sassy Sulley Adult Costume is not only scary but stylish to boot! The costume consists of the dress together with a plastic petticoat, leg warmers, gloves, hat and the detachable tail. The costume has been made from stretchy material.

The detachable tail is however set on a higher point than it is pictured. The hood lacks pom pom at the end of the ties. The mini Velcro dots are not built to hold on forever and you may need to use safety pins to hold them on position.

Overall, with just a few touches here are and there you will have a great Halloween costume that will leave you looking dashing and uniquely dressed!

Your child will look really ready to bust out the Gleww and pull out some really cool pranks with his Monsters University Sulley Deluxe Toddler / Child costume. Let your child/toddler prank his collegiate creatures in a furry jumpsuit with a detachable tail and matching character headpiece.

Turn him into the sweetest Cyclops yet! Gear him up ready to enrol in the best Scarer program in the stylish Monsters University Mike Classic Toddler / Child Costume that comes with a green jumpsuit, screen-printed character tunic and MU printed hat.

The Monster University Sulley Deluxe Adult Costume consists of a plush shirt, a detachable tail and has a character headpiece with an adjustable beard. Dress up this Halloween and go scare the little ones and have fun trick-a-treating!

The Monsters University Sulley Adult Deluxe kit consists of a hat, arm & leg warmers and a skirt. Dress up and go scare the young ones in a unique adult MU costume that is uniquely designed.

Get the Monsters University Mike Adult costume in Lime Green. The costume consists of hat, arm & Leg warmers and a skirt. Cover up and run after those screams this Halloween season!

Catch the hiding and sleek screamers with the Monster University Mike Deluxe Plus Adult Costume. The costume has been designed with a top overlay, 3D vacuform eye, and it comes with a hat and a pair of shoe covers. This Halloween is yours to rule!

You guessed it! Its Sulley’s best friend the one-eyed monster! This is the perfect Monster University costume for your favourite little monster. The Mike Candy costume is designed with a printed foam flannel design that comes with a cool candy pouch. Included are blue hard hat and character shoe covers.

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