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These Minions Halloween costumes are sure to make the kid in anyone come alive. The minions are characters from the Despicable Me franchise that were adorable enough to spawn their own spinoff movie, simply titled “Minions”. As a fan favorite, there are lots of different Minions Halloween costumes to choose from to express your own unique love for the adorable yellow creatures.

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Minions Costume

Minions Movie: Kevin Toddler CostumeMinions Bob Jumpsuit Kids CostumeMinions Movie: Adult Minion Bob Costume






The Minions costume is simple: a yellow long-sleeved shirt with blue overalls, a yellow cap, and thick, gray goggles. The three main Minions are distinguished by certain features: Kevin is tall with two eyes and a tall tuft of hair, Stuart has one eye and a combed-down hair style, and Bob is short and bald with two eyes. Each of the standard Minions Halloween costumes has a variant for the three main characters of the movie.

The toddler costume includes a plush romper with a yellow headpiece hat with the eyes and hair of the Minions character. The kids version of the Minions Movie Halloween costumes include the goggles as separate from the cap so they can be worn over the face. The kids version also comes with separate black gloves with three fingers. Shoes are sold separately from all kids Minions Halloween costumes. The adult version of the Minion costume has functional buttons and pockets, while the children and toddler versions do not.

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Women’s and Girls’ Minions Costume

Minions Movie: Women's Minion Adult CostumeMinions Girl Jumper Kids CostumeWomen’s and girls’ versions of the Minions Halloween costumes are available as thigh- to knee-length dresses instead of jumpsuits. These versions also come with headpieces, but stockings and shoes are not included. The girls’ toddler Minion costume includes a sleeveless dress with an attached yellow hood and the Minion face on the torso portion of the dress.

The older women’s costumes from the Despicable Me movies come with functional pockets and buttons, while the newer costumes for the Minions movie do not have functional pockets and contain goggles only instead of a cap.

If you are more of a DIY expert, Minions Halloween costumes aren’t extremely difficult to construct. The Minion headpieces are available separately for a low price to get you started. A yellow long-sleeved shirt, blue jean overalls, and black shoes round out this simple costume, but a yellow shirt might be a bit harder to find. Fortunately, Amazon has several options to choose from. To finish up the look, Minions gloves are for sale for a very reasonable price.

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Pirate and Dracula Minion Costume

Minions Movie: Pirate Minion Kids CostumeMinions Movie: Dracula Minion Kids CostumeMore unique character costumes can also be found for the Pirate Minion and Dracula from the Minions movie. The Dracula costume for kids and adults is more of a kit to get you started. It contains a cape, a headpiece, goggles, teeth and gloves. All that is needed to turn it into a complete Dracula Minions Halloween costume is pants, shoes, and a shirt, all of which should be black.

The pirate Minion costume for kids and adults consists of a jumpsuit with an attached belt, along with gloves, goggles and a headpiece. Shoes must be provided and a costume pirate sword completes the look.

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Scarlet and Herb Overkill Costumes

Minions Movie: Womens Scarlet Overkill CostumeThe latest Minions movie saw two new villains: Scarlet Overkill and her husband Herb Overkill. The Scarlet Overkill costume is available and includes her red dress, black choker, and black gloves. Her black heels, stockings, and wig are not included, but each of them are sold separately. Deep red lipstick and the huge, white sunglasses she wears top off this costume perfectly.

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Scarlet’s husband Herb does not have a costume for sale, but with a little thrifty shopping and creativity, anyone can create a Herb Overkill costume to match Scarlet’s. Herb sports a striped blue sport coat that can be pretty pricey, but Amazon has a few options under $40. Under the coat, he wears a lavender or baby blue collared shirt with a dark skinny tie. Herb wears standard jeans and black dress shoes, so the rest of the costume is easy from there.

So many movie costumes are available, you can make Halloween really unique this year for every member of the family. No matter who your favorite Minions character is, there is a Minions Halloween costume for you.