Madagascar 3 Costumes

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The Madagascar 3 Costumes Are Perfect for Young Fans

Madagascar 3 Lion Alex CostumeThe Madagascar 3 costumes are perfect for younger children who enjoy one or all of the films in the franchise. The list of characters that they can go as include Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, or Gia the Leopard. They can also dress up as one of the four penguins in the series of films.

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The Alex the Lion outfit consists of a fuzzy jumpsuit complete with a headpiece to give you the look of the character. The headpiece even has his signature top hat attached to it. There are no lions that have no tails, so this jumpsuit has one too. You can easily detach it from the jumpsuit if you wish. Alex is available in child sizes between 4 and 6.

Madagascar 3 Zebra Marty CostumeThe next main character in the lineup is Marty the Zebra. This striped jumpsuit also features a character headpiece much like Alex. To really help bring the character to life, there are hoof details too. It is also available in sizes between 4 and 6.

If your little one doesn’t want to go as either of these male characters, then dressing up as Gia is a good idea. Gia’s jumpsuit is spotted like a leopard is supposed to be. The headpiece also reflects the movie character’s look. There is also a floral necklace included on the jumpsuit just like she wore in the movie. The jumpsuit is available for smaller children. It only comes in a toddler size of 2T.

Madagascar 3 Penguine CostumeThe penguins are likely the most funny characters in the movie, and most likely the smartest too. The selection of Madagascar 3 costumes also allows you to go as one of these four smart animals. The penguin suit is designed to fit down the entire length of your child’s body and is made from crushed velvet.

Like all of the other costumes, it is also topped with a suitable headpiece. Fortunately, this particular costume comes in a variety of child sizes for you to choose from. These two toddler sizes include 2T and 3T.

You should know that all of the costumes are made from polyester. Your child’s polyester suit can easily be ruined if you try to clean it in your washing machine. Instead of letting the machine handle the cleaning, you’ll need to buckle down and wash your child’s uniform by hand.

So, what are some of the good and bad things about these costumes? Alex is the lead character in the movie, and your child will probably like his outfit the best. A good feature of the costume is the detachable tail. This particular outfit is suitable for slightly older kids since it’s available in a larger size too. Little girls aren’t left out in the cold either fortunately. Gia the Leopard will be the perfect costume for them to wear.

If you have a little one that is a fan of the popular movie franchise, then consider getting them one of the Madagascar 3 costumes this upcoming Halloween. You’ll have no trouble finding a character that they’d love to represent.

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