Kung Fu Panda Po Costume

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Be a Kung Fu Master With the Kung Fu Panda Po Costume

Kung Fu Panda Po CostumeIf your young child wants to be a Kung Fu master, then think about buying him the Kung Fu Panda Po costume. It is an officially licensed product, so your kid will look just like the character from the movie Kung Fu Panda 2 the next time he goes out for Halloween.

This costume comes with a white and black panda jumpsuit. The suit is soft and cuddly and comes with a front zipper. Thanks to the front zipper, your child should be able to get into and out of the suit with minimal help from you.

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Just don’t expect your child to look pudgy like the character from the movie. The suit isn’t very padded in the front. However, the top of the costume looks great since you’re provided with a character hood that fits over your child’s head to complete the look.

The Kung Fu Panda Po costume would make a great outfit for next Halloween. However, your child certainly won’t want to wait a few months to wear it. He’ll likely enjoy wearing it all of the time around the house.

The Kung Fu Panda Po costume is available in three different sizes. They include toddler, small, and medium. Make sure that you measure your child before you order and possibly think about choosing a slightly bigger size than you think you’ll need. This is especially important if you’re ordering well before Halloween.

Replay the 2011 movie with the Kung Fu Panda Po Costume

The Po costume is also available as a baby costume. The child costume might be a bit too large for your toddler or infant. The baby’s costume comes complete with inner leg snaps, shorts, and a romper. Click here to see the baby costume

Kung Fu Panda Po Costume for ToddlersThe Kung Fu Panda Po costume is made completely from polyester material. You shouldn’t wash it in your washing machine. Instead, you’ll need to wash it by hand using cold water and avoid using any chlorine bleach on the material. You can’t put it in your dryer either, so lay it down somewhere flat and wait for it to dry.

This Kung Fu Panda Po costume is an officially licensed Kung Fu Panda product. You can expect for your child to look just like one of his favorite characters from the popular movie.

The one thing you’ll really love about the Kung Fu Panda Po costume is that it’s quite soft and cuddly. Your child will likely want to sleep in it, so it shouldn’t be that much of a distraction. The front zipper also ensures that he can put it on and take it off whenever he wants.

You may not like the fact that the Kung Fu Panda Po costume doesn’t have a padded front, so the panda won’t look chubby like usual. You also can’t wash it in your machine for easy maintenance either.

Your child likely won’t care about any of these disadvantages though. So, if he’s a fan of the movie, then you should strongly consider getting him the outfit. He’ll likely wear it throughout the year, so be prepared to do a lot of manual washing when you buy the Kung Fu Panda Po costume.

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