Jurassic World Costumes

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Jurassic World was one of the most exhilarating and action-packed movies of the summer, and you can keep the excitement going with one of many Jurassic World Halloween costumes.

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Owen Costume

Jurassic World: Adult Owen CostumeJurassic World: Kids Owen CostumeEvery kid, young and old, who wants to be an adventurer can make that dream a reality with the Owen Jurassic World Halloween costume. The Owen costume is perfect for boys and girls who seek adventure and comes with a shirt, pants, and vest embroidered with the Jurassic World logo.

All you need to add are some boots and a belt to make this costume your own. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to let the 5 o’clock shadow grow out for a day or two to complete the look.

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If your favorite character in Jurassic World was Claire or you’re just looking for a great couples costume, Claire’s outfit is easy to recreate on your own. The classy, white outfit she rocks at the beginning of the movie consists of a white blazer and a billowy white collared top tucked into a white, knee-length skirt. Several wigs that match Claire’s hairstyle are available on Amazon at very affordable prices.

On the other hand, if you’re more the rugged type, you can recreate Claire’s outfit from later in the movie: her collared shirt is around her waist and she’s sporting a white tank top and white skirt, all of which are more than a little dirty at this point in the movie. Carry around a (fake) flare for the perfect touch on this DIY Jurassic World Halloween costume.

T-Rex Costume

Jurassic World - Child T-Rex CostumeOf course, Jurassic World is about much more than the people. The dinos are what really make the movie so fascinating, especially the tyrannosaurus rex. The T-Rex costume for kids and adults comes with a one piece jumpsuit including shoe covers to match the three-toed T-Rex claw and a fearsome dino mask that is sure to strike fear into the hearts of men.

The costume does not come with gloves, so some brown gloves might be in order, or get creative with recreating the T-Rex’s three-fingered hands. Sew the middle and index fingers as well as the ring and pinky fingers together on a pair of gloves to create the perfect T-Rex look for your Jurassic World Halloween costume.

Indominus Rex Costume

Jurassic World: Adult Indominus Rex CostumeIf you were more impressed with the newcomer to the Jurassic Park movies, definitely check out the new Indominus Rex costumes for kids and adults. Both standard Indominus Rex costumes come with a jumpsuit branded with “JW” (Jurassic World, obviously) and shoe coverings and a padded tail, plus a ferocious mask.

Grey gloves would match this costume, but the Indominus has four fingers instead of the T-Rex’s three, so simply sew together the middle finger and the ring finger on a pair of gloves to achieve the right look and bring your own flair to this epic Jurassic World Halloween costume.

Inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume

Jurassic World: Kids T-Rex Inflatable CostumeOf course, for some people the jumpsuit isn’t enough. If you really want to steal the show with your costume, the inflatable tyrannosaurus rex costume is perfect. The kids inflatable T-Rex costume comes with a built-in electric fan and a hole in the chest to peek through.

The adult costume provides a mesh window so you can see out but others can’t see in. Both versions come with gloves and shoe covers. No accessories needed!

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These dino and adventurer costumes are the perfect way to embody the spirit of Halloween. If you take Halloween seriously and think costumes should be scary, not sexy, then these Jurassic World Halloween costumes are for you.