Inside Out Costumes

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Inside Out CostumesEvery year, Pixar puts out a fantastic movie, and this year’s hit was Inside Out, which means one thing: amazing Inside Out Halloween costumes. The story centers around the emotions in the head of a girl named Riley: Anger, Fear, Sadness, Joy, and Disgust. Each emotion has its own color and corresponding attire. Inside Out Halloween costumes only come in children’s sizes.

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Joy Costume

Inside Out Joy Girl CostumeJoy is the most positive of the emotions, making her the favorite of most kids. The Inside Out Halloween costume for Joy consists of her yellow dress with blue flowers and a short blue wig. Shoes are not included, but fortunately, Joy doesn’t wear shoes. If you plan to be out and about trick-or-treating, however, shoes might be a good idea. Gold flats are the perfect way to complete this outfit with shoes that can be worn for the rest of the year as well.

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Anger Costume

Inside Out Anger Boys CostumeAnger is a colorful character in his own right. Anger’s Inside Out Halloween costume is a one-piece jumpsuit with red sleeves, a faux suit with attached tie, and a red headpiece. The headpiece has eye holes as well as a mesh window for the mouth to make it easier to breathe. The shoes are not included, but any dark colored shoes will match well. It might be difficult to find matching red gloves in a store, but fortunately, Amazon has many to choose from for only a few dollars.

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Disgust Costume

Inside Out Disgust Girls CostumeDisgust is green, and her costume includes a green wig, green dress with a faux belt emblazoned with a “D”, and a purple neck scarf. Disgust wears purple flats in the movie, but green will work just fine as well.

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Sadness and Fear Costumes

Unfortunately, not all characters have their own Inside Out Halloween costumes. Sadness is – perhaps appropriately? – left out. On the bright side, her costume is easy to replicate. She wears round, purple glasses, a white turtleneck sweater, blue pants, and blue flats. Her hair is bright blue, and there are several wigs that cat be cut into her short pixie cut (or you could use dye if you’re really brave). Fear is also left costume-less. He sports a light blue-striped, collared shirt, maroon bow tie, and black-and-white houndstooth sweater vest. His pants are just blue slacks and his shoes are plain black.

Most of these Inside Out Halloween costumes – Joy, Disgust, Sadness, and Fear – could be made more recognizable and authentic with added body paint of the correct color. Joy is yellow, Disgust is green, Sadness is blue, and Fear is purple. Anger’s costume completely covers the face, so no body paint is needed. Glittery eye makeup could also be a fun way to spice up each costume without committing to the mess that can be body paint.

Inside Out Halloween costumes make for adorable group costumes. Although the official costumes only come in kids’ sizes, families of four or five could make their own costumes for the adults and let the kids pick their own official costumes. Inside Out Halloween costumes are fun for the whole family – so long as no one gets too far into character.