Hotel Transylvania Costumes

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hotel-transylvaniaIf you like to follow the tradition of being scary on Halloween but don’t want to be cliché, a Hotel Transylvania Halloween Costume might just be for you! Hotel Transylvania puts a comedic spin on the most classic of all Halloween costumes, and with the sequel in theaters during October 2015, a Hotel Transylvania Halloween Costume is sure to be on point. All Hotel Transylvania Halloween costumes are only available in children’s sizes that range from small to large.

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Dracula Costumes

Hotel Transylvania 2 Kids Dracula CostumePlay the role of host of Hotel Transylvania with a Dracula Hotel Transylvania Halloween costume. The costume includes a shirt, cape, pants, and an oversized Dracula head mask. This costume is a great way to spice up the classic vampire costume while also following current pop culture. This costume doesn’t include shoes, but black shoes that range from as fancy as dress shoes to as casual as skate shoes will go well with this costume. Also, white gloves would be an excellent touch to finish off the costume to look like a real host. These gloves are available separately at a very reasonable price.

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Mavis Costumes

Hotel Transylvania 2 Kids Mavis CostumeMavis is Dracula’s vampire daughter who falls in love with a mortal in the first movie. Mavis’ Hotel Transylvania Halloween costume consists of a black dress with a bat logo; short, black wig; and striped tights. The costume does not include shoes, which provides an opportunity to express your individuality. Mavis wears red shoes, so you can select tennis shoes, skate shoes, or heels to complete the look to your comfort level. Red sequined ballet flats are available for a very reasonable price, and they can be reused next year for a Dorothy costume! Because this costume doesn’t include a mask, some fun white face paint will really sell the vampire aspect of the costume, along with red or black lipstick and fake teeth. You may also want to pick up a black wig cap to make managing the wig a lot easier.

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Zombie Bellman Costumes

Hotel Transylvania 2 Kids Zombie Bellman CostumeYou can’t run a hotel without someone to carry your guests’ luggage. The Zombie Bellman Hotel Transylvania Halloween costume features a bellman costume and zombie headpiece. The costume does not include shoes, but any tennis shoes will fit with this costume. Grey skin paint would be a good way to complete the undead look, but grey gloves would work well without getting paint on the upholstery. Add a suitcase to carry candy in and take the costume to a new level.

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Hotel Guests Costumes

Hotel Transylvania 2 Kids Mummie CostumeIf you’d prefer to be a guest at Hotel Transylvania, there are a couple of Halloween costume options to choose from. The Murray the Mummy costume consists of a jumpsuit and headpiece that simulates mummy bandages. This costume includes shoe covers, so any shoes will match.

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Hotel Transylvania 2 Kids Frankie CostumeFrankie, the beloved Frankenstein’s monster, also has a Hotel Transylvania Halloween costume that includes a faux suit and headpiece. The Frankie costume does not include shoes, but any plain black shoes will complete the look. Grey or green gloves would also be a nice addition to this costume.

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