Harry Potter Ravenclaw Costume

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Represent With the Harry Potter Ravenclaw Costume

Harry Potter Ravenclaw CostumeIf you want to portray a resident of Ravenclaw, then you’ll need to get your hands on the Harry Potter Ravenclaw costume.

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This is an officially licensed product, so you know that it will look like one of the real robes worn in the movies.

If you’re bringing a date along, then the Luna Lovegood costume would make an excellent choice for her.

The Harry Potter Ravenclaw costume consists of a full-length robe. The robe is made from polyester and has a royal blue lining. To signify which house you represent, there is a Ravenclaw crest screen printed onto the robe.

The robe also has a long and pointy hood on top. You don’t have to worry about the robe coming open unexpectedly thanks to the fact that the robe is fitted with a black clasp. Also, the black clasp can be moved to various positions on the robe to ensure that it fits you perfectly.

The robe measures 56 inches long and is only available in one size. However, it’s designed to fit most sizes, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it being uncomfortable for you. As mentioned, the robe is made from polyester and it’s safe for you to stick in the washing machine for cleaning purposes.

If you don’t want to wear the Harry Potter Ravenclaw costume as is, then you should consider getting a few accessories to go with it. A Harry Potter broom would make a great choice. The official one consists of a three foot long hollow plastic broom with plastic bristles.

As all the residents of the school will have their own wand, you should think about getting one too. The officially licensed deluxe wand is motion-activated. You would definitely show that you’re a true fan of the franchise with this wand that features a variety of magical lights and sounds. Just know that you’ll need to have a few C batteries on hand if you choose to get this deluxe wand. It doesn’t come with any and requires two of them for operation.

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Costume Highlights

One of the main things that you will like about the Harry Potter Ravenclaw costume is that it offers easy maintenance. You can just toss it into the washing machine instead of having to spot clean it or even have it dry cleaned. The black clasp on the robe is a thoughtful design feature also. Having it means that you’ll be able to fit into the robe comfortably no matter what size you are.

The Harry Potter Ravenclaw costume is also a good choice for those going in a group or even on a date, particularly with someone wearing the Luna Lovegood costume. Just make sure that you buy a few accessories to go with it, with a wand coming in handy in particular.

If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter franchise of books and movies, then you should definitely consider getting this Harry Potter Ravenclaw costume. It offers a comfortable fit and the official look as seen in the movies. So, consider wearing the Harry Potter Ravenclaw costume to your next outing.

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