Harry Potter Halloween Costume

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Transform Yourself With the Harry Potter Halloween Costume

Adult Harry Potter Halloween CostumeBe one of the most famous members of the house of Gryffindor by wearing the Harry Potter Halloween costume. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the popular series of movies and books. This costume is an officially licensed product from the movie.

The Harry Potter Halloween costume consists of a thick, black robe. The hooded robe, which is made from polyester, also has red lining in its interior. On the outside of the robe, there is the Hogwarts crest so you can represent the acclaimed school for young wizards.

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You’ll undoubtedly want to wear something beneath your robe. However, you still don’t want the robe to come open accidentally. To help keep this from happening, the piece of clothing is fitted with a satin button clasp on the front of it.

Harry Potter Halloween Costume Highlights

The Harry Potter Halloween costume is designed to be worn by adults. It should be able to fit adults of all sizes as long as you’re not too overweight. The costume is also available for younger fans of the movie. Click here for the child version

Recreate Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this Halloween

It comes in three different teen sizes including small, medium, and large. This is a great choice since most fans are younger, although older adults certainly get excited when a new movie comes out. Your smaller child would probably wear it around the house quite often and not keep it lying around for the next costume party.

The Harry Potter Halloween costume doesn’t come with a pair of pants, shirt, or shoes. Unless you’re relatively short, the robe won’t be long enough to cover up your feet. Therefore, it’s probably best that you wear a pair of black shoes with the ensemble.

The outfit also doesn’t come with a few other accessories that Harry is known for. They include the tie and pair of glasses that he can’t seem to see without.

As mentioned earlier, this costume is made from polyester. If you wash it in your washing machine, there’s a chance that you’ll ruin it. You should wipe it clean whenever it gets dirty. Since this is much less convenient, you’ll want to be careful when wearing it.

Harry Potter Halloween Costume Pros

You’ll like the fact that the Halloween costume consists of a very detailed robe. You’ll look just like Harry does when wearing it as long as you keep the robe closed. It is pink on the interior instead of burgundy. Hardcore fans of the movie will notice this immediately since it isn’t exactly like the Hogwarts robe.

Harry Potter Halloween Costume Cons

You might not like that the Harry Potter Halloween costume isn’t topped off with a tie, so you’ll need to buy a Gryffindor Deluxe tie if you really want to complete the look. Also, you’ll need to buy a pair of fake glasses since Harry needs them to see. Getting your hands on a magic wand will also be a good idea.

As a base though, the costume does an excellent job portraying the character from the popular movies. If you really want to look like the character when wearing the Harry Potter Halloween costume, then make sure you bring a wand, tie, and pair of glasses along.

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