Green Lantern Sinestro Costume

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Take Over the World Wearing the Green Lantern Sinestro Costume

Green Lantern Sinestro CostumeIf you want to forget the good-guy look and be a super-villain instead, then add some closet space for the Green Lantern Sinestro Costume. This costume is an officially licensed DC Comics outfit, so it looks exactly like the character from the 2011 movie.

After donning this costume, you’ll look ready to take on anyone that dares to cross paths with you. It includes a sculpted muscle chest jumpsuit complete with the Green Lantern Logo on the chest. You’ll definitely look ready to get your revenge.

You won’t look good wearing this Green Lantern Sinestro costume. The mask packaged with the outfit looks just like the character including sharp facial features and black hair accents. On the left side of the fact, there is even a deep jagged scar.

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You should know that the mask is made with Latex. If you’re allergic to this material, then you will likely suffer an allergic reaction. This would definitely ruin your night. The Green Lantern Sinestro costume doesn’t come with shoes though. Instead, you’re provided with boot tops.

The Green Lantern Sinestro Costume is available in a variety of adult sizes. They include medium, large, and extra-large. Small and plus sizes may be available, but you may have a hard time finding them.

This costume is largely made from polyester. You can’t wash it in the washing machine, so you’ll have to hand wash it instead. Obviously, you won’t be able to put the mask in the washing machine either unless you don’t mind ruining it and being forced to buy another one.

You can be as cool as actor Mark Strong in your Green Lantern Sinestro Costume

You also have the option of buying a variety of accessories to go along with the Green Lantern Sinestro costume. To complete the look, you’ll likely want to buy a pair of the green lantern gloves that the characters wore in the movie.

These lime green gloves don’t come with the ring. However, you can buy the metal ring separately if you also want it. The ring even lights up.

Green Lantern Sinestro Costume Pros

One of the main reasons that you should buy the Green Lantern Sinestro costume is that the mask is very detailed. You’ll look exactly like the super-villain in the movie. You’ll also look ready to do battle thanks to the muscle chest that looks like you’ve been working out at the gym 24 hours a day.

Green Lantern Sinestro Costume Cons

The main con about about the Green Lantern Sinestro costume is that it doesn’t come with a pair of gloves, not to mention the Green Lantern ring. If you want to have the complete look, then you will need to buy them separately. Also, the latex mask may cause allergic reactions in some people. A more suitable option for you would be one that uses professional-grade silicone.

But, if the mask won’t cause you any problems, then this Green Lantern Sinestro costume would make a great addition to your Halloween wardrobe. The mask is very detailed and the muscular jumpsuit is also a great feature. You’ll just wish that┬áthe Green Lantern Sinestro costume┬ácame with a pair of gloves, but you can easily buy them separately if you want them.

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