Green Lantern Costumes

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Green Lantern Costumes - Adult Mens Costume
Green Lantern Costumes - Adult Womens Costume

If you want to be a true hero taking part in a mission to maintain galactic order then you will surely love the new Green Lantern Costumes! Based on the soon to be major box office hit, these costumes will soon be giving us all the chance to get into the heroic action!

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The new film is based on the story of a gifted and self assured test pilot by the name of Hal Jordan. He selected to join a brotherhood of intergalactic warriors, dedicated to keeping justice and balance in the universe. When all that they have been fighting to protect is endangered by a new enemy, the first ever human to be accepted into the brotherhood (the test pilot) is challenged to go beyond his comfort zone and defeat the enemy (Parallax).

Now we can all sport the signature look of Hal Jordan by dressing up in Green Lantern Costumes. As the pilot explores his capabilities, he acquires a green bodysuit and mask, giving him his new and heroic look. Guaranteed to be a hit at any party, this costume is sure to be popular across all age groups. An interesting suggestion may be for your friend to come as Hal Jordan minus his green attire and yourself dressed in the full green and glorious suit! This would create a before and after effect that is likely to offer all round entertainment.

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In addition, the brotherhood, formed by all races from the entire universe also suggests scope for Green Lantern Costumes, with the addition of interesting and fun masks. In all likelihood, the main character’s costume is likely to be the most popular as it resembles the classic superhero costume of body suit and eye mask. However with so many other interesting characters, the new motion picture is set to give us plenty of fun and original dressing-up ideas.

More Green Lantern Costume Ideas

So when it comes to Green Lantern Costumes dressing-up ideas for parties, if you want something different that is likely to make an impression, the all green look of the Green Lantern Costumes is sure to be a winner! Get your green bodysuit on and join the epic and righteous brotherhood for your own re-imagination of this fantastic story!

So next time you are stuck for fancy-dress ideas, why not go full out and embody the heroic story of Hal Jordan and the intergalactic brotherhood? With your Green Lantern Costumes you too can help protect the fine balance and order of the universe! The new motion picture is sure to captivate everyone’s imagination and give us a new and cool character to dress up as. With the all new Green Lantern Costumes, plenty of us are sure to get into the fantastic tale as we take on the streets with our green bodysuits and masks.

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