Gone with the Wind Costumes

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gone-with-windOften praised as one of the greatest films of all time, Gone with the Wind Halloween costumes are timeless classics. Scarlett and Rhett are two of the most iconic characters in movie history, so you’ll be easily recognizable in one of these Gone with the Wind costumes, especially if you go as a couple.

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Scarlet O’Hara Costume

Southern Belle Adult CostumeThis Southern Belle Adult costume resembles the white dress worn by Scarlett O’Hara in the movie, but with green accents instead of red. This gorgeous off-the-shoulder ruffled dress comes with a hoop skirt, green sash, and wide-rimmed white hat with a green chin tie. To recreate Scarlett’s look from the beginning of Gone with the Wind, replace the green sashes on both the hat and dress with a red sash and belt, though Scarlett wears a hat with a green sash later in the movie. Add some white lace gloves, nude pantyhose, and white lace-up boots to complete the Southern look. Don’t forget the hairspray to mimic Scarlett’s iconic hair style!

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Rhett Butler Costume

Rhett Butler CostumeOf course, let’s not forget the gentlemen’s costume. The Gone with the Wind Rhett Halloween costume includes a shirt complete with vest and cravat, pants, jacket, and a hat. The costume does not include shoes, but some classy black men’s loafers are sold separately to complete the transformation to suave southern gentleman. However, Rhett is not Rhett without his signature mustache. Mustaches of the stick-on variety are sold separately, but a more accurate and authentic mustache can be achieved with a black make-up stick instead. Don’t worry, this make-up washes off easily with water.

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Melanie and Ashley Costumes

Although Scarlett and Rhett are the main characters of Gone with the Wind, Melanie Hamilton is one of the main characters who is easily recognizable. There is no official costume for Melanie, but one could be created with a Southern-style dress. The dress she wears at the beginning of the movie is white with long sleeves, lots of ruffles, and a red sash. She also wears a bonnet with a red sash in her first scene, so a bonnet in addition to a classic Southern-style dress will be the perfect costume. If you’d prefer to be bonnet free, Melanie parts her hair in the middle and keeps it tied back. You’re going to have to borrow some of Scarlett’s hair spray to complete Melanie’s look.

Ashley Wilkes is the other essential character in Gone with the Wind. He wears a dark blue or purple jacket with beige high-waisted pants, a black bow tie, and frilled dress shirt. He also carries a silver pocket watch and a gold ring on each of his pinkies if you want to be really authentic with this Gone with the Wind Halloween costume.

Gone with the Wind costumes are ideal for a Halloween double date. You will easily be the most fashionably dressed at the party, and you’re sure to make many friends with that Southern charm of yours. And since Gone with the Wind is a timeless classic, you can wear your Gone with the Wind Halloween costume for years to come.