Glee Puck Halloween Costume

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Walk the Edge With the Glee Puck Halloween Costume

Adult Glee Puck Halloween CostumePuck is the resident bad boy on the hugely popular show Glee, and now you can look just like him at your next party with the Glee Puck Halloween Costume. This ensemble is perfect for both adult and teen fans alike, providing you with a sports jacket and his unique hair style.

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On the show, Puck is almost always wearing his favorite letter jacket. This Glee Puck Halloween costume consists of a red varsity jacket with a black and red striped collar. The sleeves are made from white faux leather and have white faux pockets. He is quite the player on the football field. He proudly wears a giant black M outlined in white on this varsity jacket representing the fictional McKinley High school.

Besides his favorite jacket, Puck’s most recognizable feature is his haircut. The Glee Puck Halloween Costume comes packaged with a mohawk wig so that you can truly pull off his signature look. Just know that there is no wig cap included, so you’ll need to buy one separately if you want to keep your real hair hidden beneath the wig.

Puck is a versatile character with plenty of interests. On the show, he’s quite proud of his athletic abilities as evidenced by the fact that he constantly wears his varsity jacket. To really make your Glee Puck Halloween costume stand out, you could buy an optional inflatable football and tee.

Of course, Puck is also a huge fan of music too. The ladies on the show really love his smooth voice. He is also quite capable of playing music as well, so you may want to consider buying an inflatable guitar in addition to the Glee Puck Halloween Costume.

Look like Puck from the 2011 Glee Movie

This is an officially licensed product of the TV show Glee. TheĀ Glee Puck Halloween costume is available in two different versions. The men’s version of the jacket is designed to fit most men up to a size 44. The smaller teen version is suitable for sizes 34-36.

This costume is made of 100% polyester. For ease of maintenance, it’s safe for you to wash the jacket in your washing machine. That’s a good thing since if you act anything like the character on the show at your next party, you just may have a drink or two thrown in your face.

Glee Puck Halloween Costume Pros

The main thing that you’ll like about the Glee Puck Halloween Costume is that it’s a really cool varsity jacket. You’ll absolutely love wearing the jacket while reliving your glory days in high school. The mohawk wig may not exactly be your favorite, but it’s necessary if you want to look like the real character.

Glee Puck Halloween Costume Cons

The outfit doesn’t include shirts, pants, or shoes. This is understandable since Puck dresses like a typical teenager. Simply get your own pair of blue jeans and throw on a basic t-shirt under the jacket and you’ll be good to go.

If you’re a fan of Glee, then you’re likely a fan of Puck. Now you can look just like him and relive your favorite days of high school by wearing the Glee Puck Halloween Costume.

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