Gilligan’s Island Halloween Costumes

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Gilligan’s Island Costumes – A Throwback to the Past

Gilligan’s Island was one of the most popular and longest-running TV shows of its time. The Gilligan’s Island costumes allow you to dress as one of four lead characters. Males can go as the Skipper or Gilligan, while ladies can dress up as Ginger or the sexy MaryAnn.

Gilligan wasn’t exactly the best first-mate, but he certainly was one of the funniest. His outfit features his signature bright red, long-sleeve shirt and blue pants. There is also a white hat suitable for seaman to wear, complete with Gilligan’s trademark brown hair attached.

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Gilligan’s outfit is one size fits all, so you won’t have a problem if you’re a standard sized adult. The shirt and pants are made from polyester, so it’s best that you wash them by hand instead of relying on the machine to get them clean. Be aware that Gilligan’s shoes aren’t included with the costume, so you’ll need to provide your own.

Gilligans Island Skipper CostumeThe set of Gilligan’s Island costumes also includes the Skipper as mentioned. His ensemble features a pair of khaki pants and blue shirt. You can’t look like a captain without the hat, so one is included. Those without his gray hair will appreciate the attached hair that’s on the hat. Like Gilligan’s costume, the Skipper’s is also one size fits most. You will also need to hand wash it since it’s also made from polyester.

If you’re looking for a sexy look, then MaryAnn’s costume is the way to go. You will be provided with a sexy mini dress with a red and white top, and beautiful ruffles on the skirt. The wig allows you to achieve her brunette look, complete with two red bows on top. MaryAnn’s costume is available in two different sizes including small/medium and medium/large. You will need to wash this costume by hand just like the others.

Gilligans Island Ginger CostumeGinger is known for wearing a beautiful full-length gown throughout the course of the series. The underdress has a nude color, while there is also a back slit in the rear of the dress. While MaryAnn is known for her brunette looks, Ginger is known for having a dark red head of hair. You’re provided with a suitable wig which also has a hairband attached.

Ginger’s costume is available in the same sizes as MaryAnn’s options. Care instructions are also the same. All of the costumes currently cost $50 with the exception of the Skipper’s. His will only cost you $40. These are very reasonable prices especially if you consider what you’re getting for it.

There are virtually no negative aspects to mention about these costumes. Treat these polyester outfits properly and avoid getting them dirty when possible and they’ll last you quite a few Halloween parties.

Gilligan’s Island is a classic TV show, so you’ll really like these officially licensed Gilligan’s Island costumes if you’re an old fan. Bring one of your buddies along and dress up as Gilligan and the Skipper. Ladies will also have the choice of going as the two-some MaryAnn and Ginger.

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