Ghost Rider Costume

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Take a Ride in the Ghost Rider Costume

Ghost Rider Halloween CostumeIf you own a motorcycle, then the Ghost Rider costume will be a perfect choice for your next costume party.  This officially licensed Marvel costume will have you looking just like the original character in the movie.  Just don’t start taking souls like he did!

The main part of the ensemble is the jacket, since you can’t actually be considered a true rider without a motorcycle jacket.  Although the jacket you’re provided with is made from faux leather, it looks like the real thing.

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Having the jacket certainly won’t be enough to make you look like a true Ghost Rider.  To top off your costume, you’ll have to wear the flaming skull mask.  The costume will be completed once you put on the spiked gauntlets from the package.  Even your closest friends won’t be able to tell who you are, unless they recognize your ride.

When it comes to the Ghost Rider costume, there certainly aren’t a lot of size options.  It is only available in one size:  X-large.  Those who are particularly small or large may not be able to achieve a comfortable fit.

Everyone knows that you can’t run leather through your washing machine if it gets dirty.  Although this costume is packaged with a faux leather jacket, you still won’t be able to wash it.  According to the instructions, you’re only to spot clean it.  If it gets really dirty though, feel free to take it to your local dry cleaner’s.

The Ghost Rider costume only includes the jacket, mask, and gauntlets.  You aren’t provided with a shirt, pair of pants, boots, or chain.  Needless to say, you’ll definitely provide your own of the first three.  The rusty chain is also a big part of the character in the movie, so you may want to buy a plastic chain or something.

If you’re a fan of the Ghost Rider movie or even the comic character, then you’ll really like this costume.  It’s not just a replica.  It’s an officially licensed product of Marvel, so it really looks like the real thing.  You’ll look cool enough wearing the faux leather jacket.  The flaming skull mask really takes things over the top though.

You definitely won’t have many things to complain about if you purchase the costume.  Since the character’s main weapon of choice in the movie was a chain, you may need to get one if you’re trying to replicate him exactly.  Bringing along a real chain may not be possible or even recommended though.

As mentioned earlier, this costume is only available in one size.  This shouldn’t pose a problem for most people.  However, if you’re not sized like the average person, you may have issues.

Barring that potential problem though, consider getting the Ghost Rider costume for this upcoming Halloween, or even for a costume party at any time of the year.  He may not be one of Marvel’s most well-known characters, but he certainly looks original.  Hop on your bike and take a ride as the Ghost Rider for your next outing.

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