Frozen Costumes

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If you’re looking to dress as an iconic figure that everyone will instantly recognize, look no further than these Frozen Halloween costumes. The Disney movie Frozen has been a huge hit among kids and adults alike, and it’s not going away any time soon. With a sequel in the works, you might even get a few uses out of your own Frozen Halloween costume.

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Elsa Costume

Frozen: Girls Elsa Tutu CostumeEvery little girl wants to be the famous ice queen Elsa. With Elsa Frozen Halloween costumes to fit all ages, every girl will be able to dress up as their favorite Disney princess. The toddler, girls, and tweens costumes are made of a tutu dress with a snowflake emblem at the top and sheer long sleeves. Elsa’s crown and a snowflake-embellished sheer cape top off the look to make sure every girl feels like a princess.

Shoes are sold separately, but these silver sparkle ballet flats are versatile enough to be worn every day. For some extra protection against the cold, beautifully embellished blue gloves are also available to match the costume. For the perfect final touch, Elsa’s Sound and Light Up Wand will make the magic of Frozen come alive. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t sing.)

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Adult Esla Prestige Costume

Frozen: Womens Prestige Elsa CostumeFrozen: Womens Ultra Prestige Elsa CostumeFrozen Halloween costumes are available for older princesses as well. The adult Elsa prestige costume is sold in regular and plus sizes and comes with a sequined corset top that flows into a form-fitting blue gown, sheer long sleeves and an embellished cape. The ultra prestige Elsa costume is made of higher quality material and embroidered with larger, more eye-catching sequins and beads.

For those who are looking for a more adventurous Frozen Halloween costume, the women’s Ice Queen costume depicts Elsa after she sings her iconic song and breaks free of her old life. The velvet blue gown is embellished with sparkling snowflakes with a high leg slit and sheer neckline and sleeve portion. It also includes a sheer back cape and gem crown.

Each adult Elsa costume can be customized with wigs, shoes, nail polish, and makeup. Blue-tipped fake eyelashes can give the costume the flair it needs to make anyone feel like a princess.

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Frozen Fever Costumes

Disney Frozen Fever Girls Elsa DressAnna Frozen Fever Toddler Girls CostumeFor young fans of the animate short Frozen Fever, the dresses that Anna and Elsa wore in the film are available as unique Frozen Halloween costumes. Elsa’s green, flower-embroidered dress is sold in toddler and children’s sizes and comes with an embellished green cape. Anna’s adorable dress consists of a blue A-line skirt attached to a blue and yellow top with a jeweled faux broach is also only available in toddler and children’s sizes.

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Anna’s Traveling Gown Costume

Frozen: Adult Anna Traveling Gown CostumeSpeaking of Anna, there are plenty choices of Frozen Halloween costumes for fans of the younger princess as well. Anna’s traveling gown for tweens consists of a knee-length dress with sheer sleeves and a heart embellishment, complete with a removable pink shoulder cape. The adult and plus-sized adult version is ankle-length with a more sophisticated top and opaque sleeves, but the pink cape is also completely removable.

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¬†Anna’s Coronation Gown Costume

Frozen: Adult Anna Coronation CostumeAnna’s coronation gown is of course available as a Frozen Halloween costume for toddlers, girls, adults, and plus-sized adults. The toddler and girls’ version consists of a tutu dress with ornate princess cap sleeves and a heart embellishment along with a crown.

The adult version sports a flattering A-line skirt without the heart embellishment or crown. All that’s needed for any Anna costume is the shoes, which can be matched to the wearers personal style. Whether you prefer flats or heels, sequined, matte, or patent finish, shoes are a great way to make this costume your own.

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Olaf Costume

Frozen: Adult Olaf CostumeFor Frozen fans who prefer to be the comic relief in any situation, there is a Frozen Halloween costume for you: Olaf, the lovable snowman. The Olaf costume includes a long-sleeved tunic with a mask and gloves.  Available in adult and adult plus, this all-in-one costume will make sure every adult can get in on the Frozen fun.

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