Fraggle Rock Red Costume

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Be an 80s Icon in the Fraggle Rock Red Costume

Fraggle Rock Red CostumeThe Fraggle Rock Red costume is the perfect choice for those seeking a trip back in time to portray a classic 80s icon. This is an officially licensed Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock product, so you’ll look exactly like the character on the show. If you’re a female fan, then Red is only one of two choices for female characters in the gang.

The costume is packaged with a yellow headpiece which you can easily fit over your head. The head is fitted with big eyes and has a large opening for your face which enables easier vision. On top of the headpiece is a set of red pigtails which is Red’s trademark.

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The Fraggle Rock Red costume also comes with a red shirt that is made from polyester. It’s fitted with long sleeves, so you won’t be that uncomfortable during cooler Halloween weather. An orange tail also comes with the costume which you attach to the back of the shirt.

The next part of the costume consists of a pair of orange shorts. The shorts, which go over the included bright yellow stockings, are designed for maximum comfort with generous leg holes. They also have an elastic waist band, so you don’t have to be a particular size to fit comfortably in the shorts.

The shorts measure 13.5 inches in length and can fit comfortably on a waist between 24 and 40 inches. The shirt measures 26 inches long. To round out the costume is a pair of yellow gloves and matching shoe covers. The material consists of polyester, so you will need to spot clean the costume.

You will like the fact that the Fraggle Rock Red costume is officially licensed, so you will look exactly like one of your favorite characters from the classic show. The characters had tails and so will you, so one is included in the package and attaches easily to the back of the shirt. You will even have duck-like shoe covers to mimic Red’s feet.

The headpiece also goes a long way to ensure that you look like she does, complete with the big buggy eyes. There shouldn’t be many complaints about the fit since it goes on well and you can adjust the headpiece to fit more comfortably if you have to. There is a hole already in the headpiece for you to stuff newspaper in to achieve a better fit.

One thing that you possibly won’t like about the costume is in regards to the shirt. The material doesn’t allow for much stretching. You won’t be able to substitute a different shirt since the one packaged with the costume enables the tail to be attached. This is a minor problem as long as the shirt fits well overall.

You should definitely consider getting this costume if you’re a fan of the classic show however. You’ll look exactly like the character you’re portraying since it’s an officially licensed product. So, keep the Fraggle Rock Red costume in mind when you’re thinking about what to wear for the next party.

Click here to see the Fraggle Rock Red Costume