Fraggle Rock Mokey Costume

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Be a Part of the Old Gang in the Fraggle Rock Mokey Costume

Fraggle Rock Mokey CostumeIf you have a thoughtful, artistic, or quiet personality, then the Fraggle Rock Mokey costume would make the perfect choice if you’re looking for a retro outfit to wear to the next suitable occasion. This is an officially licensed Jim Henson’s product, so you’ll look exactly like the character on the show.

If you’re a female, then your choices to join the Fraggle Rock gang will certainly be limited, since Mokey is only one of two females in the group. If you have a female friend tagging along, she could dress as red. If you’re on a date however, then Wembley or Gobo costumes would be suitable for him.

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The Fraggle Rock Mokey costume is packaged with a jump character headpiece. Since Mokey is known for his blue hair, the headpiece is fitted with light blue mesh hair on the top. The mask should provide little trouble going on over your head. You will also be able to see quite easily thanks to the fact that the mask provides you with a large opening for you to see out of.

The Fraggle Rock Mokey costume also comes with a purple bodysuit, with long pink sleeves. You can secure the suit at the waist in order for it to fit more comfortably. A dark green vest is designed to be worn over the bodysuit. There is also a purple tail that attaches to the vest, which also has light blue hair attached at the end just like the hair on top of the head.

As far as the bottom of the Fraggle Rock Mokey costume is concerned, you’ll be provided with a pair of purple shorts and pink tights. The shorts have an elastic waistband, so they shouldn’t be too tight or too loose if you have an average size. The shorts are 15 inches long and are designed to fit people with a waist between 24 and 50 inches.

A pair of pink gloves and shoe covers are also included in the package. All of the pieces of the Fraggle Rock Mokey costume are made from 100% polyester. You won’t be able to wash the costume pieces in your washing machine conveniently. You’ll have to spot clean them instead, so be careful when wearing it.

The best thing about this outfit is the detailed character mask. The headpiece also goes on quite well and has a generous opening to breathe and see out of. Comfort certainly isn’t a problem when it comes to wearing the costume thanks to the fact that the pair of shorts have an elastic waist so they’ll fit a wide range of sizes. You certainly shouldn’t find many things to complain about when it comes to this outfit.

If you were a fan of the show, then you’ll really like wearing this costume. Most of your friends will probably remember it too if they’re the same age as you are. You can even get a few of them together and have them dress up as various other characters such as Red or Wembley while you’re wearing the Fraggle Rock Mokey costume.

Click here to see the Fraggle Rock Mokey Costume