Dobby Halloween Costume

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Enter a Magical World in the Dobby Halloween Costume

Dobby Halloween CostumeIf you want to portray the helpful House Elf of Harry Potter fame, then you’ll need to check out the Dobby Halloween costume.

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You’ll look just like him with the included tunic and officially licensed mask.

The costume would make a good choice for going in a group setting with some of the other characters such as Harry and Hermione.

The main part of the costume is the white tunic that Dobby is known to wear. It is made from a combination of nylon and polyester. The tunic is only available in one size, but it’s designed to fit most adults.

In order to transform you into the character, you’ll also be provided with a character mask. Made of latex, you’ll marvel at how detailed the mask it. TheĀ Dobby Halloween costume is an officially licensed product, so it’s virtually an exact replica of his look in the movies.

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The mask is designed for you to be able to slip on over your head with ease. The eyes are a combination of colors including white, green, and black. The mask is also fitted with two pointed ears, one on each side of the mask.

You will appreciate the fact that the mask offers slits for your eyes, nostrils, ears, and mouth. This means you’ll be quite comfortable throughout the night while wearing the mask. The slits for your eyes are actually below the eyes of the mask itself since the mask’s eyes sit around your forehead.

As mentioned, the tunic is available in a one-size fits most design. Since it’s made from a combination of polyester and nylon, you will need to have it dry cleaned if it happens to get dirty.

If you really want to take things to a new level with the Dobby Halloween costume, then you should consider buying a pair of Dobby hands to go with it. The set of hands feature a gray and maroon color, and is fitted with long and yellow fingernails. The hands only have four fingers, with two of your fingers having to go in one section.

Another useful accessory of the Dobby Halloween costume that you may like is the plastic toy lantern. The center of the lantern prominently displays the Hogwart’s crest. There is also a Harry Potter sticker fitted on the base. You can even hang this toy lantern thanks to a metal handle and hook.

Dobby Halloween Costume Pros

The Dobby Halloween costume is a very simple outfit as far as the tunic is concerned. However, the mask that is packaged with it is very detailed, so you’ll really like it. You can even buy a pair of his hands to really make your character stand out.

Dobby Halloween Costume Cons

The only potential downside of the costume is that the mask is made from latex. Make sure that you’re not allergic to the material, or you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise at the end of the night when you take the mask off. Barring this potential problem, the Dobby Halloween costume makes for a great and unique choice for your next party.

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