Descendants Costumes

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Descendants CostumesJust as we loved dressing up as the original Disney characters, your kids will love this year’s Descendants Halloween costumes. The movie tells the tale of what happens to the children of the beloved original characters of classics like Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Jafar (Aladdin), the Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves), and others. They are all invited to attend Auradon Prep, a fictional school in the realm ruled by Belle and the Beast after their adventure.

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Mal Costumes

Mal Kids CostumeMal is one of the main characters of the film, so there are several Descendants Halloween costumes for Mal to choose from. Mal is the daughter of Maleficent, the evil witch who puts Aurora to sleep in Sleeping Beauty and stars in the more recent movie Maleficent. The Standard Mal costume for kids comes with a colorful jumpsuit with shoulder pads and faux jacket. One of the long sleeves ends with a thumb loop to act as faux fingerless glove. The deluxe Mal Descendants Halloween costume includes pants, a top, a sleeveless jacket, and a glovette.

The deluxe costume has a more three-dimensional texture to it with more loose parts. Neither of these Mal costumes include shoes or a purple wig, but any black shoes will be a perfect fit and the official wig is sold separately. The climax of the movie takes place on coronation day for the Descendants school, and Mal’s coronation dress makes a perfect Halloween costume. The costume includes only Mal’s purple coronation dress encrusted with flower designs. All that’s needed to complete this costume is the shoes, and perhaps some (temporary) purple hair dye to color a classy up-do.

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Evie Costumes

Kids Evie CostumeEvie is the daughter of the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Like Mal, she has several Descendants Halloween costumes to choose from. The Classic Evie costume includes a long-sleeved dress and black glovettes. The skirt is designed in faux graffiti to match Evie’s from the film and the shirt has a pendant decal. It gets cold around Halloween, so add black tights to the costume will help keep your little Evie warm.

The deluxe Evie costume comes with the same dress style, but also has a jacket, printed tights, and faux leather glovettes. The jacket also has Evie’s crown decal printed on the back. Like the Mal costume, these Evie costumes do not include shoes or a wig, but the official wig is sold separately. Black combat boots or tennis shoes are a perfect match to complete the look. Evie also attends coronation and her dress is available as a costume. The Evie coronation costume includes a blue dress and a cape. Shoes and a blue wig or hair dye will make your little princess look just like Evie on coronation day.

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Lonnie and Audrey Costumes

Disneys Descendants Audrey Girls CostumeDisneys Descendants Girls Lonnie CostumeMaleficent and the Evil Queen aren’t the only ones who have daughters at Auradon Prep. Mulan’s daughter Lonnie also attends coronation and has her own unique dress available as a Descendants Halloween costume. Her dress is pink with blue trim, a square neckline, and a pink belt. Aurora’s daughter, Audrey, has a coronation costume that includes a pink dress embroidered with sequins. Both of these movie costumes do not include shoes, but do not require a wig.

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Maleficent Costume

Disneys Descendants Maleficent Women's CostumeFor adults who want to get in on the fun (matching mother/daughter costumes?), there is a Descendants Maleficent Halloween costume. The costume includes a purple dress with a large collar, belt, and a headpiece. The dress is ankle-length with long sleeves and a see-through chest panel. Shoes are not included, but a number of black boots are available in many heel heights.

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Forget princesses. Pick your favorite Descendants Halloween costume and be a little bad this Halloween.