Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Costumes

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daniel-tigerIf your child loves Daniel Tiger, check out these adorable Daniel Tiger Halloween costumes. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a show based on characters created by Mr. Rogers for pre-school kids set in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

This year’s Daniel Tiger Halloween costume has lots of potential for matching family costumes that will make you the cutest family on the block.

Daniel Tiger Costumes

Daniel Tiger kids costumeThe Daniel Tiger Halloween costume for kids and toddlers includes a full-body jumpsuit with an attached red hooded sweatshirt and a tiger headpiece that includes ears. The costume is incredibly soft and made of faux fur to complete the tiger ensemble. Shoes are not included, but Daniel Tiger wears red low-cut Chuck Taylor shoes that are available on Amazon and elsewhere and can be worn any day of the year.

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Daniel’s Family Costumes

Daniel Tiger also has a mom, dad, and grandfather whose costumes are easy to replicate. Mom Tiger wears a light purple long-sleeved shirt with blue pants and purple flats. Daniel Striped Tiger is Daniel Tiger’s dad, and he wears a blue track jacket with blue running shoes. Grandpere Tiger, Daniel’s grandfather, wears a blue peacoat and a blue beret. All of these outfits can be completed with a tiger print mask and a tiger ears and tail kit, which is available for both adults and kids. For additional authenticity, use orange face paint and add brown stripes instead of the face mask. Daniel also has a baby sister named Margaret who generally stays wrapped in a pink blanket. Talk about an easy infant costume!

Daniel’s Friends Costumes

Daniel Tiger also has a lot of friends that make perfect Daniel Tiger Halloween costumes. Prince Wednesday is the son of King Friday in the original Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood show. Prince Friday wears purple pants, boots, and shirt, a brown belt with a “W” belt buckle, and a gold crown and cape. He has brown hair and wears black-rimmed glasses. Miss Elaina is the other human character in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. She wears a pink button-down dress with yellow frills on the collar, hem, and sleeves. She wears her hair in pigtails with pink hair ties and a pink headband. She also wears pink and yellow striped leggings and pink shoes.

Daniel Tiger has two main animal friends, one of whom is O the Owl. O is a blue owl who wears blue Chuck Taylor shoes. This Daniel Tiger Halloween costume would be easy: blue owl face paint with a blue outfit and blue low cut Chuck Taylor shoes. Throw a blue feathered boa around your neck and you’re ready to go! Daniel Tiger’s other friend is Katerina Kittycat, who is a white cat and wears a green dress along with green Chuck Taylor shoes. She also wears a green bow behind one ear.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is an endearing show that captures the legacy of the original Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. Relive the wonder of your childhood and connect with one of your child’s favorite shows through Daniel Tiger Halloween costumes.