Cowboy Rango Halloween Costume

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Cowboy Rango Halloween CostumeIf you have ever wanted to star in your own epic and see what it feels like to be Cowboy Rango, then you will be please to know that now you can with the help of the most excellent Cowboy Rango Halloween Costume!

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Capturing the true essence of the fantastic character, now you can take on the streets dressed juts like him! The Cowboy Rango Halloween Costume really looks and feels juts like the real thing and is guaranteed to impress all your friends at any fancy dress party!


The Cowboy Rango Halloween Costume comes complete with white shirt and attached brown vest, blue pants with attached tail, belt complete with bullets and gun, red bandana and of course the excellent mask that truly competes this awesome Cowboy Rango Halloween costume. The only thing you need to add to the outfit is a pair of boots and before you know it, you will be transformed into the cool character.

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Take on the streets and show everyone who is boss as you embody your favorite cowboy’s characteristics and and get ready for some Rango fun! And it gets better, know a younger Rango fan? The Cowboy Rango Halloween Costume can also be purchased in a child’s size so that the two of you can double up as big and little Cowboy Rangos.

Just like the adult version, the child sized costume comes in complete with everything needed to transform into the great Cowboy Rango! The Cowboy Rango Halloween costume includes a jumpsuit with attached vest and attached tail, belt complete with bullets and gun, red bandana and a mask with attached hat. Kids or grown-ups, now everyone can be the star of their own show with a bit if help from the cool Cowboy Rango Costumes

Cowboy Rango Halloween Costume Highlights

The best point about the Cowboy Rango Halloween Costume are all the features and accessories that make it look like the real deal. It is also very comfortable to wear, making it an excellent choice for any fancy dress occasion. The child version of the costume comes in small and medium sizes and is made with kids in mind. For example, rather than shirt and pants like the adult version the costume is made of a jumpsuit to make dressing up easier. In the same way, the child’s mask is attached to the hat, minimizing danger of loosing either and avoiding disappointment.

There are no real drawbacks to either the child or adult Cowboy Rango Halloween Costume. Both are comfortable, capture the character and can transform you into the coolest cowboy in town in minutes! The mask may get a bit stuffy if worn for long periods of time, however this is minor in comparison to all the excellent features of the costume.

Overall the child and adult costumes are excellent and will definitely please any fan of the motion picture. So if you loved the latest blockbuster and are just dying to become the cool Cowboy Rango, then there really is no better way than to get yourself a brand new Cowboy Rango Halloween Costume.

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