Cinderella Costumes

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Cinderella Classic CostumeCinderella is the classic tale of a young woman who finds true love with the help of her fairy godmother, and with the new movie out this year, Cinderella Halloween costumes are brand new. No matter what your style, there is a Cinderella costume for you or your child.

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Cinderella Costumes

Disney Princess Prestige Cinderella Costume For WomenCinderella Classic CostumeIf your child is a classic Cinderella fan, the Cinderella Classic Halloween costume for toddlers and kids is the perfect fit. This dress is Cinderella blue with sheer capsleeves, an attached blue sash with a Cinderella emblem, and a flared skirt. For adults who want the classic look, the Disney Princess Prestige Cinderella Halloween costume for women is a gorgeous dress that mirrors the one worn by Cinderella in the 1950 animated film. This costume includes the peplum dress, a black choker necklace and a blue headband. These costumes pair fantastically with a simple bun hairdo for the ultimate princess look.

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Cinderella Movie Tween CostumeFor a more modern look, new Cinderella Halloween costumes that follow the 2015 movie costumes are also available. The Disney Cinderella Movie Halloween costume for toddlers, kids, and tweens comes with a blue dress with sheer, puffy capsleeves and butterfly embellishments. The tween costume comes with additional sparkle embellishments on the front. Take this look a step further with the Disney Cinderella Movie Halloween Deluxe costume in toddler, kids, adult, and plus sizes. The deluxe dress is made of higher quality fabric that dazzles even more, along with larger butterfly embellishments and a longer, fuller skirt.

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Prestige Cinderella costume for toddlersThe Prestige Cinderella Halloween costumes definitely earn their title. Dress to impress with these gorgeous dresses available in toddler, girls, adult, and plus sizes. The fabric is of the highest quality and layers of underskirts add impressive volume to the skirts. The skirt fabric also includes more sparkles than the regular or deluxe versions. Reuse this high-quality costume and feel like a real princess every year.

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Cinderella Wedding Dress CostumeA new addition to this year’s collection of Cinderella Halloween costumes is the Cinderella Movie Wedding Dress Deluxe costume for kids. This costume includes a white one-shouldered dress with sheer mesh sleeves and chest panel and intricate floral embroidering. Make your daughter feel like a princess who has just met her prince charming with this beautiful dress.

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Of course, one of the major factors in any Cinderella Halloween costume has to be the famous glass slippers. While I don’t recommend actually wearing shoes made of glass, there are several options to choose from to give the desired effect. Silver (or gold for the wedding dress) sparkle flats are comfortable, safe, and can be worn any day of the year. The Cinderella adult shoes have a modest heel, a silver sparkle heart decal, and mimic the look of glass slippers. For a more daring look, the vanity glass slippers have a more dramatic heel and a sleeker look.

Cinderella Prestige Halloween costume for babies and toddlersOf course, we can’t leave Baby out from feeling like a princess. The Cinderella Prestige Halloween costume for babies and toddlers includes a dress with an intricately detailed corset top and a tutu skirt, as well as a crown. Sorry, there aren’t any glass slippers for baby, but these gorgeous Cinderella-embellished ballet slippers complete the look perfectly.

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Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother costumeCinderella would be nothing without her Fairy Godmother. The Deluxe Fairy Godmother Cinderella Halloween costume for adults, kids, and toddlers won’t allow you or your little one to grant wishes, but she will definitely light up the evening. This costume comes with a stunning and intricate silver dress with silver detailing and simple sheer fairy wings. For dedicated Fairy Godmothers, the Prestige Fairy Godmother costume for women in regular and plus sizes is the ultimate wish-granting costume. The fabric is higher quality and the high collar, lacy sleeves, and wings are more detailed and pronounced. Take any Fairy Godmother costume one step further with the light-up Fairy Godmother Enchanted Wand. This wand is silver with beautiful flower detailing that makes it one of a kind. These costumes don’t come with shoes, but white or silver flats for the kids and heels for the adults easily make this costume complete.

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Prince Charming Costume

Prince Charming Child CostumeThe Prince Charming Cinderella Halloween costumes are perfect for any prince who wants to sweep a princess off her feet. The standard Prince Charming costume is available in regular and plus sizes and includes a white tailcoat with silver detailing and a blue collar and cuffs along with matching white pants. The costume does not include shoes, but any black pair of dress shoes or boots will match excellently. The prestige Prince Charming costume is much more intricate and includes a blue jacket with gold detailing and an attached medal, maroon pants, gold epaulettes, medal, and a gold belt. Black or brown dress shoes will complete the transformation into suave prince ready to find his princess.

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Cinderella’s Stepfamily Costumes

Cinderella Movie Lady Tremaine Costume For Women Cinderella Movie Drisella Costume For WomenCinderella Movie Anastasia Costume For Adults If you prefer to be more villainous, Cinderella Halloween costumes are available for Lady Tremaine, Drisella, and Anastasia, otherwise known as the wicked stepmother and ugly stepsisters. The Lady Tremaine adult costume features an asymmetrical, iridescent green dress with a golden sash. Pair this dress with deep red lipstick and red or gold heels and you’re ready to go! Drisella and Anastasia wear matching green and pink dresses respectively, both of which are accented with yellow, blue, and pink flowers along the top. Each dress has a sheer fabric overlay with rose embellishments for a dynamic appearance. Because these outfits are purposely designed to clash (they are ugly stepsisters after all), any color heels will match these costumes perfectly – and if they don’t, that’ll be even better!

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A new movie has brought Cinderella Halloween costumes back to life. No matter which character is your favorite, there is a costume that’s perfect for you!