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Sexy Green Hornet Kato Costume

Knock ‘Em Dead With the Sexy Green Hornet Kato Costume

Sexy Green Hornet Kato CostumeIf you’re a fan of the hit 2011 movie, then you should definitely consider buying the sexy Green Hornet Kato costume. Although Kato is traditionally a male character, you’ll absolutely look stunning in this sexy costume.

You and your guy can actually travel as a couple. Him as the Green Hornet and you as his sexy sidekick.

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Green Hornet Halloween Costume

Fight Crime With the Green Hornet Halloween Costume

Green Hornet Halloween CostumeIf you’re into classic TV or simply a fan of the new movie, then the Green Hornet Halloween costume is the perfect outfit for you to wear to the next costume party.

It will really look like you’re out to fight crime. If you have a trusty friend, then they could even dress up as your trusty sidekick Kato.

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Green Hornet Kato Halloween Costume

Take Down Evildoers with the Green Hornet Kato Halloween Costume

Green Hornet Kato Halloween CostumeIf you’re uninterested in playing the main character of the hit movie, then you may want to don the Green Hornet Kato Halloween costume instead. Kato is the superhero’s trusty sidekick. Wearing this officially licensed product, you’ll truly look like the martial arts expert seen on the big screen.

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