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Minions Costumes

These Minions Halloween costumes are sure to make the kid in anyone come alive. The minions are characters from the Despicable Me franchise that were adorable enough to spawn their own spinoff movie, simply titled “Minions”. As a fan favorite, there are lots of different Minions Halloween costumes to choose from to express your own unique love for the adorable yellow creatures.

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Minions Costume

Minions Movie: Kevin Toddler CostumeMinions Bob Jumpsuit Kids CostumeMinions Movie: Adult Minion Bob Costume






The Minions costume is simple: a yellow long-sleeved shirt with blue overalls, a yellow cap, and thick, gray goggles. The three main Minions are distinguished by certain features: Kevin is tall with two eyes and a tall tuft of hair, Stuart has one eye and a combed-down hair style, and Bob is short and bald with two eyes. Each of the standard Minions Halloween costumes has a variant for the three main characters of the movie.

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Despicable Me 2 Costumes

Despicable Me 2 CostumesDespicable Me 2 has lived to its fame, although coupled with mix reactions, the move managed to stay top of the Box office movies for several weeks running. The Despicable Me 2 costumes allow you to dress up for Halloween this time round in a different but exuberant fashion!

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