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We can’t let a year go by these days without a new member of the Avengers, so get on the cutting edge with these Ant Man Halloween Costumes. Whether you’re looking for a costume for yourself or your child, there are options to make everyone feel like a hero (or villain).

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Ant Man Costume

Ant Man Adult CostumeThe adult Ant Man Halloween costume is officially licensed by Marvel, so it is the most accurate costume around. This deluxe costume consists of a jumpsuit, a belt, and a headpiece so you are ready to hypnotize ants and save the day instantly. The jumpsuit is also padded, so no bodybuilding required. Shoe covers attached to the jumpsuit allow you to wear shoes for the purposes of comfort without compromising style. The only thing the costume does not include is gloves, but you can complete your costume with black gloves available for a very reasonable price. Read More…