Cars 2 Halloween Costumes

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Cars 2 Halloween Costumes - Lightning McQueen CostumeThe return of the hit movie Cars is sure to get all it’s fans excited and better still, for all those young dressing-up lovers, now there is even more fun to be had with Cars 2 Halloween costumes. Get ready to experience the fun packed adventure and join in on the dressing up fun!

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The story of the sequel, Cars 2 brings our favorite characters into a whole new and action packed adventure. The World Grand Prix is awaiting and star racer Lighting McQueen can’t wait to take the trophy for the word’s fastest car. To get to his destination, the star racer and his buddy, Mater the truck pass through a series of exciting locations in Europe and Japan.

Here are our top 3 Kids Cars 2 Halloween Costumes

Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Costume
Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Child Costume

Cars 2 – Finn McMissile Costume
Cars 2 Finn McMissile Child Costume

Cars 2 – Mater Costume
Cars 2 Mater Child Costume

In Cars 2, the adventure takes on plenty of challenges and upheavals, as Lightning McQueen and his friend, truck Mater go around the world to reach their destination. The various twists and turns in the story find Mater caught up in his own international espionage adventure, leaving him torn between his loyalty to Lightning McQueen and following on his own exciting mission. With plenty of fun and exciting happenings, the story will no doubt capture the imagination of kids and adults alike.

Cars 2 Halloween costumes are set to be a big hit with youngsters, who will no doubt be looking forward to being able to re-enact this brilliant and fast-paced sequel to the first movie, Cars. The new animated film also introduces an all new car-cast, featuring cool characters such as secret agents, plenty of baddies and other racing competitors. All characters sport unique looks and personalities, making perfect ideas for fun and colorful Cars 2 Halloween costumes.

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This means that kids can choose from a variety of Cars 2 Halloween costumes, be it Lightning McQueen, Mater the truck , Finn McMissile or the rest of the colorful and speedy racing competitors. The film also features a pink ‘girl car’, giving little girls the chance to dress up and enjoy playing out this sure to be loved story.

Kids will love re-enacting the adventure of sweeping through Europe, Japan and other exciting destinations to fulfill the mission of finding out who is the fastest car in the world. And with the help of  Cars 2 Halloween costumes becoming their favorite Cars characters has never been easier!

Kids will love to wear Cars 2 Halloween Costumes in 2011

So whatever the dressing up occasion, this action-packed tale is guaranteed to give everyone lots of new and wonderful dressing up ideas for Cars 2 Halloween costumes. The new sequel to Cars will no doubt be a much loved story that is sure to be loved by adults and kids alike! And whether for a fancy-dress party, Halloween or simply for playing out this much loved tale, Cars 2 Halloween costumes are likely to get everyone excited!

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