Big Hero 6 Costumes

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Baymax of Big Hero 6 is by far the cuddliest robot on film, and this year’s Big Hero 6 Halloween costumes will be a huge hit at any party.

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Baymax Costume

Big Hero 6: Kids Baymax CostumeBig Hero 6: White Adult Baymax Inflatable CostumeHelp your friends with any and all healthcare needs with an inflatable Baymax costume. The costume comes with an inflatable jumpsuit and its own electronic fan to make sure your costume doesn’t fall flat. Baymax wouldn’t be Baymax without his iconic black eyes connected by a single line, and the costume includes a Baymax headpiece as well.

You’ll have to purchase white gloves and white socks or shoes separately, but the gloves sell for a very low price point, and who doesn’t have white socks at home? Lollipop also sold separately, but I’m sure no one will have trouble finding a lollipop on Halloween.

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Red Baymax Costume

Big Hero 6: Adults Red Baymax Inflatable CostumeTo make Baymax ready for battle, his friend Hiro created special armor to protect him against baddies. This Baymax Big Hero 6 Halloween costume shows the fluffy white character in his battle armor and ready to fight! Battle Baymax includes a jumpsuit with polyester wings, padded armor, and a plastic battle mask.

The red Baymax costume also comes in an (unpadded) inflatable model that stays true to Baymax’s cuddly physique. Only the inflatable version is sold in adult size, but the padded version is available for both children and toddlers. All red Baymax costumes require gloves and shoes or socks to be purchased separately.

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Hiro’s battle armor costume

Big Hero 6: Child Hiro CostumeMost Big Hero 6 Halloween costumes are all about Baymax, but we can’t forget about Hiro. Hiro’s battle armor costume includes a purple and black jumpsuit with padded armor and a plastic headpiece. The costume does not include black gloves or black shoes, but standard black skater-style shoes such as Converse match perfectly with this action-packed costume.

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Not all Halloween costumes have to be found in stores. With a little imagination, you can create your own. Don’t see your favorite character? Perhaps your a fan of Yokai, the movie’s villain? Fortunately, a do-it-yourself version of Yokai’s costume is fairly easy, all you need to start is a blank white mask and some red, black, and yellow paint.

Use the red and black paint to create the design on Yokai’s mask and the yellow paint to trace around the eyes to create the yellow eye effect. After that, all you need is a dark-colored trench coat, black shirt, black pants, black shoes, and some bandaging or white strips of cloth to wrap around the ankles for the boot-like effect and you are all set!

Another great DIY Big Hero 6 Halloween costume idea could be Hiro in his plain clothes. When not in his armor, Hiro sports khaki capris, a blue zip-down hoodie, a red t-shirt with a robot stenciled on it, and grey skater shoes (Converse) with yellow laces. The best part about this costume is that you can break down the components and wear them every day, not just on Halloween.

Big Hero 6 Halloween costumes make the perfect couple, friend, or sibling costumes. Pair up with a friend to create the dynamic duo of Baymax and Hiro and save the world. Or dress as the giant inflatable Baymax while your child goes as Hiro for the most adorable Big Hero six combo.

You could even go the hero and villain route with one person dressed as Hiro or Baymax and one as Yokai. Just be sure not to start a fight in the middle of a party, and your Big Hero 6 Halloween costumes will be sure to be a crowd favorite.